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  1. Which is better? (2d, android)

    For people with color recognition problems I made spetial settings - numbers on balls! But I agree - I can improve colors. I was thinking about "no people will play with game". It has some handy features - mark the color, remember the ball. I've never seen it in other masterminds. Maybe it give me little chance. Anyhow: I have to visit Ural. No internet for 20 days. Today I put 30$ to Adwords, set 12 Rubls (~ 0.2$) for a click. And location is all English-speaking countries include India. First day give me 6800 shows and 300 clicks. All from India and 1 from USA))) Maybe becose I am "Indie game developer". I don't know if it good or bad. When I return from Ural I can say how many clicks turned into installs! Well - one Indian click price is ~0.02$
  2. Which is better? (2d, android)

    It is work version now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mmk0102.imm&hl=en
  3. Which is better? (2d, android)

    The link for B-testing is https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.mmk0102.imm Very interesting to know you opinion.
  4. Which is better? (2d, android)

    I am very impressed how you people try to help me! On my native forums in Russia people usualy are not so friendly((( Im am ready if nobody plays my game. But I try to make most convenient Mastermind I ever met. If you can help with A/B testing, it would be great!
  5. Which is better? (2d, android)

    Hi friends! Thanks a lot! So many man, so many minds. I hope I complete the project very soon. You are right - it mastermind . Kind of. I name it intellMind, the rules are little different. And white circles are marks for colors- just for convenience.
  6. Which is better? (2d, android)

    Sometimes we have not enough time for project, even 6 months. But read up on art styling books is good tip. So, I little improve the game. Which of these two looks better now?
  7. Which is better? (2d, android)

    Great tips! In some kind way both but I hope I'll can change it to pretty look with your help, friends.
  8. Which is better? (2d, android)

    I hope I fix style problem to next week, and publish a new version. Thanks a lot to all)
  9. Which is better? (2d, android)

    0:3. Clear enough.I'll take the second as a base. Thanks.
  10. Which of these two design looks better?
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