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  1. Thank you very much for you reply! My level of writing code is too low, mostly I'm kinda director or project manager. I have monthly income to pay to hired coders and ofcourse I'm spending time to get all this clear for me. "You need a level Designer, Lighting artist, 1-2 3D modelers, 1-2 programmers." Now I'm looking for all these guys.
  2. Shaarigan, thank you so much for your reply. So, now I know that I need an engine which support terrain streaming. And I need an expereinced coder, who can share his knowledge about this topic. So, anybody who is interested - please contact me. I just find on github unity-terrain-streaming
  3. Hello guys! I have an idea to create an open world survival multiplayer game. Could you please give me some recomendation, is it ok to use Unreal Engine for this? What is the simple way to get big location generated with hills, forest, lakes, rivers.. I don't want to spend much time to create all this staff, just want to focus on person of player and on some objects in game. Appreciate your help.
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