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  1. Svrij22

    My next step?

    Thanks, I will probably do this. It's kind of hard for me since I'm 16 years old and do pre-university education, which verges a lot from me atm. So I'll look into hiring someone
  2. Svrij22

    My next step?

    Dear developers, I uploaded my game "Dead Ops Zombies Reborn" on the play store to see how it would do as a start, and didn't quite finish it. There's a lot of bugs, not many maps and it didn't have ads when I first published it. Now my downloads are skyrocketing, I had 70k downloads in just 1.5 months. That's a lot for me. There's quite a dilemma because I know I could make a lot of money with this app, just like I did with my other apps. But because I don't have enough time to make the game just right and configure the ads properly, I might just not play this right and make less with the app than I could have. Should I hire designers to work for me and make maps, or should I just continue to casually update it whenever I have time in between school? Right now I make about 10~25$ per day with it. and I only have interstitial ads between rounds. Regards, Svrij22 If you can't find the app here's a link
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