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  1. blicili

    Open Source Direct3D 12 Game Engine?

    Sorry everybody for the late reply. @Jemme This engine is actually going to be relatively simple. For example, the entire engine will use only 32 state blocks (DX12 groups almost all render state into singular blocks), made possible by the fact that everything in the game will be designed to be rendered with the same settings. This also means that the same math will work for everything, and the calculations will generally be coded directly into the low-level rendering routines. This will probably result in a specialty engine, which I'm okay with. (I'm hoping the simplicity an directness will result in increased speed; I don't know if it is possible but I'm going to try to get 60 FPS at 4K with a complex scene and a mid-level graphics card.) @Lloyd.Crawley I've studied the D3D12 API carefully and am trying to implement it in a highly efficient manner. Microsoft has a D3D11 to D3D12 transition library but I'm not using that at all. I am using most of the low-level features which don't depend on specific cards, I'll put out more info on that later. The engine is in the initial stages so multi-GPU testing has not begun. I am hoping once the engine gets to the level where it does something significant I can find others to help with testing. I'll be around but should be able to resume serious work about 2 weeks from today. --237
  2. blicili

    Open Source Direct3D 12 Game Engine?

    Thank you @kburkhart84 and @Shaarigan for your replies. I am personally already gaining insight into how serious engine development works. I am writing this engine for a personal game project; I will try to give back by including features in this engine others can use. I will write an engine that will be limited in features, but include what people really need and does it well. It will be a niche engine for those who just need something that is easy to use. One of my main concerns is performance, which is why I chose D3D 12. All the performance-critical code I am writing from scratch. (D3D 12 is much more efficient than D3D 11 when used properly instead of adapting a D3D 11 program to use D3D 12. I might write a D3D 11 or other API fallback but there won't be much code sharing between them.) I am thinking of mostly experimenting with different ideas, relying heavily on feedback from the community, and later planning the final version. Thank you for your input. After doing some research, I decided to use the Apache license instead of the GNU one. The code is on Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/p/cookies-video-game-engine/ I'll add comments to the code later. --237
  3. blicili

    Open Source Direct3D 12 Game Engine?

    Ok here we go. The program now does a basic initialization of Direct3D and produces some simple output: The engine will compile either as a Universal Windows Platform app or as a Desktop app (only a small amount of code needs to change for this, I do this in the code with some #ifdef's. So far the code initialized UWP, the main D3D interfaces, a command list, and a backbuffer. It then enters the rendering loop where a simple animation is created by clearing the backbuffer to various shades of red, then "presenting" (letting the graphics system know the app is done for the frame, processing is finished and the next frame is painted on the screen). This took about 150 lines of code. If anybody has any questions about how this works, please ask. If anyone wants the source please message me (I'll get it on Sourceforge in a couple days). Otherwise, next post in a couple days. I'm going to move the progress reports to a blog and use this thread just for discussion. --237 Edit: I should clarify that my intention is to start a discussion about how engines are built, not advertise my engine. So I will ask, what features does everyone feel should be in game engines which do not seem to exist in any of the popular ones?
  4. I hope this is in the right forum. I'm new to this community, but I've been programming engines for many years as a hobby. I'm now writing a simple Direct3D 12 game engine, with audio and multithreading support, for Windows (GNU GPL license). I know there are several ready-to-use engines out there, but my goal is not to compete with Unity or any of the others. I mainly want to explore the issues involved with creating these engines, and that's why I'm posting about it here. I also want to help beginners, so this can be used as a learning tool, everyone feel free to copy code (I'll be posting it on Sourceforge, and put sample output on YouTube). Also, if anyone asks me to add a feature to the engine, I will try to implement it. Finally, I want to become familiar with the terminology and industry practices involved, since I am self-taught. Most of the engine is already planned out, but I want to write some code before divulging the plan to show that I am capable of creating this. I'm going to finish this post and write some initialization code. If anyone has any comments or ideas, please reply, otherwise I'll be back with a YouTube video. --237
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