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  1. We are a small indie dev team working on a vertically scrolling SHMUP for Android titled Neowing EXE. Style:retro 16-bit style pixel graphics, similar to classic games like Raiden and Space Megaforce. **Who's on the team** We have a Lead Developer with 4 years experience, a sound designer, music composer, and consultants. **We are currently looking for** A pixel artist who can create 16-bit pixel sprites. A BG pixel artist who can create top-down, vertically looping environments that the player will fly over. Please visit our Discord server for more information > Neowing EXE on Discord Attached is one of our current spaceship sprites
  2. Greetings Crashtest! We have tried to reach out to you via pm and on Discord. We are still searching for a gfx artist. We have our team, our Game Design Doc, and our communications set up and ready.
  3. Neowing

    Our gaming community wants a new game

    Our top-down shmup retro 80s space shooter game is called Neowing E.X.E., and it's already on kick-starter. We are at the stage of creating a demo, so there is room for some changes/suggestions. We have a good team together, and we would love to incorporate some future players' ideas into the game if it's something your community would be interested in? Check us out:
  4. We have most of our team set and ready! We could still use a pixel artist to create retro fabulous pixel space backgrounds! Please message me or reply to this post if you have experience in pixel art creation and would like to join our team. Thanks!
  5. That's pretty awesome Daniel! I think we may have our musicians (to be fair I picked the first 2 I got responses from), but can we use you as a backup? We REALLY need a pixel artist (our designs need help!), and possibly another programmer.
  6. Hey everyone! My husband and I have this idea for a uniquely retro mobile (Android/iOS) game. It's a top-down Shmup spaceshooter with a twist or three. My hubby (Jon) has some basic programming skills and has started creating a demo version of the game in GameMaker, but we both work full time. If we can get a team together, we would like to eventually relaunch a kickstarter page and get some funding to make the game a reality! For now, we are looking for the following so we can create a demo and further develop our vision: Programmer(s): who loves shmups? Think Super Megaforce but not! We have already started in GameMaker, but Unity might work too. GFX Pixel Artist: 8bit/16bit, we have a foundation that needs improvements! Music Artist: High Octane/upbeat Chiptune soundtrack. We have nada! If you have some skills, please post below with what role you would like to assume and we can get the ball rolling! Attached is one of the spaceship evolution concepts.
  7. Neowing

    Looking for a project

    Hey! You are awesome! I am looking to get a team together for a retro space shooter project. I've listened to some of your synth/old school stuff and I think you could really make the game epic! Are you interested?
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