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  1. TheDerpGamer

    Skies of Eden [Space Voxel Sandbox]

    The basis of the main menu is done. We need C# coders to help with the voxel engine!
  2. (I realized I should probably just make a new thread now that I've gotten a plan together) Skies of Eden Skies of Eden would be a multiplayer voxel-based space sandbox where you could build anything you want. It would have procedurally generated planets, and you could deploy tanks and ground craft. You would also be able to create large stations. Planets Planets would be generated as soon as you hopped into a sector with one. The planet generator would first generated an image of the planet to be shown outside of it's atmosphere, then the actual planet chunks itself would be generated based off the values from the planet image generator (for example: an orange gassy planet would have orange/dusty terrain). The chunks would be large hexagons that would be loaded and unloaded as players passed near them, rather than rendering the whole thing at once, which would save a lot on performance. The player wouldn't be able to see the chunks loading in as the atmosphere would cloud their vision until the chunks were loaded (kinda like a loading screen). <-- A close example of how chunks would work The chunk layout on the ground would not actually be a sphere, rather it would all be a flat plain. However, the chunks would load so that it would appear to be one continuos sphere. (Note: Planets will most likely not be in the first alpha release) Weapons and Turrets Energy Weapons Energy Weapons will only use ship power, and have no ammo costs Cannons: Broadside close range cannons that have little penetration, but a lot of destructive power. Beams: Long range weapon with high penetration, but also high power cost and recharge time. Pulse: Kind of like a wave or something, good for EMP weapons. Physical Weapons Physical Weapons do more damage than energy weapons, but require power and ammo Missiles: Self explanatory. Literally just missile pods. Mines: Again, self explanatory. Space mines that can have stealth modules in exchange for less damage. Bolts: Sort of like a railgun. Shoots a single shell that has high penetration and explodes once inside an enemy ship. Energy weapons can also have effects added, such as EMP or anti-shield. This will greatly reduce their actual block damage, but will give it a useful effect for combat. Shield Systems Shield systems will not absorb all damage. Instead, they will take only the brunt of the damage, and the player can choose where to focus the most shielding. Anti-shield weapons can briefly weaken enemy shields so that their ship takes more damage. Stations Players will be able to make stations in SoE. These stations can have many uses, but are vulnerable to enemy forces. All factions will be allowed to have 1 "home station", where they can dock their ships and respawn. It will serve as their hub, and cannot be damaged. However, when a sector has a faction's home station in it, the sector will not automatically spawn resources (like asteroids) over time. This is to encourage players to spread out and make bases in other sectors. Factions can also claim planets using a claim block. This claim block will be how faction members can manage their forces on the planet and can provide a real time map of loaded chunks if they have support satellites. Planets cannot be destroyed, but they can be captured by an enemy faction if they break the claim block. Resource Gathering Players will have to mine asteroids for resources in order to make stations. Eventually, they will be able to create mining and shipyard stations in order to boost production. Mining stations will automatically mine nearby asteroids, and shipyard stations will automatically process materials and can build ships from those resources on demand. AI Players will be able to create AI fleets, which can patrol and assist in combat. Eventually, there will also be NPC crew mechanics and lua scripting. What We Need We will need programmers, artists, and modelers. The game will be in the Unity engine, as I feel it is best for this type of game. To apply, please join our discord below. https://discord.gg/BuxPsDs
  3. TheDerpGamer

    Project Valiant

    After a lot of internet troubles and just generally being too busy, I have decided to continue the project and put the discord up again. Here is the new link for anyone who is interested: https://discord.gg/BuxPsDs Also I renamed it Skies of Eden because it sounds cool, probably not permanent.
  4. I've aways wanted to work on something like this. I am a 17 year old modeler from CA. I'm not very good at character design, but I can do objects and assets quite well. If you want more info, email me at garret2kool@gmail.com
  5. TheDerpGamer

    Project Valiant

    Project Valiant About the Game: Project Valiant (Name not final) would be a semi open world rpg in a fantasy/steampunk setting. It would be mostly story driven, but with action elements. The dev team would be very open for input, and people would be able to suggest things they’d like to see in the game. The game would be built in Unreal Engine 4, but would have a nice anime-like art style instead of focusing on ultra realistic graphics. I want this to be a community based project, meaning that I want people’s input on what they think should be added. A Bit About Me and Other Important Stuff: I am a 17 year old modeler and developer from California. I’ve picked up many talents, but I am best at environment and object modeling. I’ve always wanted to make my own game, but never really had the means to do so. This project would be mostly a casual one, but if enough people support it and everything goes well, we will probably become an official project. All game assets and such will be made by the dev team (no buying pre made stuff), and we would give frequent updates on the game’s progress. Instead of branching out and trying to do everything at once, we would focus on specific areas of the game one at a time, give people an update, and see what they think of it before moving on. If enough people support this and help flesh it out, I will make a kickstarter page so we can pay developers. We would need environment and object modelers (other than me), character designers, artists, animators, coders, sound designers, and voice actors for a proper team. Q & A: How can I help right now? Suggest some ideas in the discord, and help flesh out the concept. If you have any of the skills mentioned before, and want to help, join our discord (Our Discord) or email me (garret2kool@gmail.com). Pay? In case you missed the part about this, I’ll say it again: This is a more casual project, rather than a professional game right now. If this goes well, I will make an official thread in the proper forum, but consider it a hobby project for now. I do however plan on eventually making it an actual project with paid devs. If enough people support this and we have devs saying that they want to work on it, I will put up a kickstarter page to fund its development. Why is it called Project Valiant? It was the best name I could think of at the time, it’s not final If you want to suggest something, please do so in the discord channel. I highly encourage your input, as I want to know what mechanics people would want in a game like this.
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