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  1. Project Valiant

    Project Valiant About the Game: Project Valiant (Name not final) would be a semi open world rpg in a fantasy/steampunk setting. It would be mostly story driven, but with action elements. The dev team would be very open for input, and people would be able to suggest things they’d like to see in the game. The game would be built in Unreal Engine 4, but would have a nice anime-like art style instead of focusing on ultra realistic graphics. I want this to be a community based project, meaning that I want people’s input on what they think should be added. A Bit About Me and Other Important Stuff: I am a 17 year old modeler and developer from California. I’ve picked up many talents, but I am best at environment and object modeling. I’ve always wanted to make my own game, but never really had the means to do so. This project would be mostly a casual one, but if enough people support it and everything goes well, we will probably become an official project. All game assets and such will be made by the dev team (no buying pre made stuff), and we would give frequent updates on the game’s progress. Instead of branching out and trying to do everything at once, we would focus on specific areas of the game one at a time, give people an update, and see what they think of it before moving on. If enough people support this and help flesh it out, I will make a kickstarter page so we can pay developers. We would need environment and object modelers (other than me), character designers, artists, animators, coders, sound designers, and voice actors for a proper team. Q & A: How can I help right now? Suggest some ideas in the discord, and help flesh out the concept. If you have any of the skills mentioned before, and want to help, join our discord (Our Discord) or email me ( Pay? In case you missed the part about this, I’ll say it again: This is a more casual project, rather than a professional game right now. If this goes well, I will make an official thread in the proper forum, but consider it a hobby project for now. I do however plan on eventually making it an actual project with paid devs. If enough people support this and we have devs saying that they want to work on it, I will put up a kickstarter page to fund its development. Why is it called Project Valiant? It was the best name I could think of at the time, it’s not final If you want to suggest something, please do so in the discord channel. I highly encourage your input, as I want to know what mechanics people would want in a game like this.