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  1. LollipopGlock

    Asterion Labyrinth Official Teaser Trailer

    looks professional good job. <3
  2. I've started a concept 10 years ago, I joined here a couple months ago knowing nothing. Now with in the last month, I'm starting to build the combat system of my hobby project, which is my first goal. To complete this faster I am offering this part to someone else. I'm not looking for fancy, I'm actually look for low poly graphics. Needed: 1 gender neutral 3D low poly character mesh rigged Idle, walk, run, sprint, rolls, dodges, left right and backwards movements. about a small handle full of cast animations some instrument playing animations blocking (shield) animations lots fighting animations. I'm not picky and I'm not any dead lines. I provided a mood board for what I'm looking for. *Remember low poly*
  3. LollipopGlock

    Which is better? (2d, android)

    The top looks better sweetie. That tealish-green colour though for the icons looks a bit off, everything has a strong saturation except that element. it's pale... seems weird for myself. You are making great progress, stay strong! Awesome work xoxoxo
  4. LollipopGlock

    Critique my portfolio

    Great Art can not complain. What would help your portfolio is some Rationals. Talk about your inspirations, why you choose certain colours, talk about the elements. The shapes, the flow, the contrast. Add a story to your artwork. Even showing concept sketches. So make a Tabloid Size Document with the Finished Product, a example application (Loading Page) , some process images, and your Rational. As with a rocking title. If you ever print them out to bring to a company go hard stock. This will take the presentation of your portfolio much higher.
  5. LollipopGlock

    Character design (2D Platformer)

    No Complaints. Very well done
  6. LollipopGlock

    Which is better? (2d, android)

    I prefer the 2nd design concept. The trend today is simplistic, flat, metro look The very top colour scheme, green against the orange does not feel right. The green at the bottom with the palette is lovely. My suggestion for the top is use the same colour as the green at the bottom and make the accent icons Monochromatic. For the middle maybe bright it up abit as well. Try a straight 90* degrees gradient for the middle. Other than that excellent work! I'll keep eyes open for future posts.
  7. LollipopGlock

    LF> Contributions

    Hello, I'm Lollipop. I have hobby project it is in very beginning phases. I'm looking for people to come in see my ideas and add input, nicely and respectfully poke holes in everything and even contribute if they desire. It's all concept, ideas, some story line, concept features, some characters. It is original creative fantasy with hopes of being open world, mmo-rpg. Thank you and be kind
  8. LollipopGlock

    Writer looking for team

    Hey, I'm Britt, I have hobby project been working on solo for about over 5 years. Starting to get brave and share with people. I'm pretty free range with contributions and stuff. Even if you feel the concept may not inspire, input would be helpful. Anyways give me message if you're interested. (Fantasy, Adventure, Rating is Teen, so gore is fine)
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