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  1. Allright, thank you guys! I think I understand why there are different path finding being used in certain games. Thank you for your patience in answering and spending your time, really appreciate it.
  2. So, what type of game use Dijkstra then? Lets say, based on @IADaveMark said, A* is better than dijkstra. And from what I understand, A* is just an informed version of dijkstra while dijkstra is an uninformed version. But why some people still using Dijkstra? Just want to understand more
  3. Thanks for the reply Sorry, the reason for the age and so on is because I had to fulfill the requirements for my research methodology subject. I didn't intend to offend anyone here. Because I try to find an AI programmer audience so it kind of needed to explain when I had to present my findings and understanding. Sorry about the survey thing, I tried to make sense and it seems it turning people off. @ninnghazad I did ask some of the experienced people from my school. They seem to say mostly using A* method is the best choice. Since most industry use it, the optimization is better since it used a grid method and it is faster. But if the game don't have any grid, I have to use different method to apply for the game. @alvaro What if the game don't have any grid then I use a raycast method in unity? Since I mostly use unity since unity is much more easier to use to make game not sure about other game engine like unreal or cryengine. @frob yeah, a bit. I don't quite understand the difference. Based on the simulation I watch on youtube and other sites and a bit of reading from the articles, I got a bit confused. A* is seem an informed version of Dijkstra and find the best route to reach the destination, while Dijkstra is keep detecting the path until it found the destination. Also A* using a heuristic function while dijkstra only use one cost function. I hope I make sense and thanks again for explaining something I just find out in detail.
  4. Hello guys, I just registered this site and heard from my lecturer that this a good site to talk about certain topics since my research topic are mostly programmer who are experienced with AI can answer the survey. The reason of the survey below is to understand which is suitable solution for 2d platformer pathfinding for AI and which one is easier to implement for 2D platformer. I would appreciate if you guys give your responses for the survey link shared and thank you for spending time answering the survey. Sorry if the survey is a bit hard to understand, I tried to make it understandable as best as I can. Again, thank you! https://goo.gl/forms/S0etAlAAHL6S5kTI2
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