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  1. Serox

    Material for game developing

    I know is a good idea, but I have more projects as well, I just believe that learning multiple languages would be fun, and better. I can see how each other interact with a same process and with different ways to write. And next year I'm going to be in IT course, so better to prepare myself through first than sticking to one thing and do it immediately. Rust documentation, there ya' go: https://rustbyexample.com/hello.html
  2. Serox

    Material for game developing

    I just want to see how Rust perform since is becoming a better language than C++. I would rather learn Phyton to be honest, but Phyton is completely inneficient unless is for scripts. I would learn quite a range of languages to have fun.
  3. Serox

    Material for game developing

    For Unity I was thinking C#, Rust would be pure code, no engine.
  4. Serox

    Material for game developing

    I think I'm going to learn Rust and program in Rust since is much easier than C++ and performs quite good or even better than C++. C# is really good as well and very easy to learn, I have no problem at all. As engine, maybe I would use Unity since is more flexible by adding your own code, not sure yet about other stuff. I think I will start by doing a 2D game, I bet it has to be really fun to do so. Thank you again.
  5. Serox

    Material for game developing

    @Infinisearch @Oxeren The idea is to be able in the future to do a moba, however due to the lack of experience, the high revenue needed and the amount of people that are needed in order to be able to, is just not possible. So I was wondering what can I do so I can start to understand this world better, start to develop some 2D games, or some 3D games as a way of practice to get into mobas in the future. However it seems like everything is very engine dependant which I believe it can be great because so much work is done in just a couple of hours. At the same times it seems like having knowledge of Java, JavaScript and C++ (it can be C# and other as well) is enough. It seems like there's already an input that would let players to control characters. Correct me if I'm wrong, but at least the documentation that I got is seems to be like this. I think is a really good idea to start with an engine and even if it's hard to understand at the start, as long as I can still taking their documentation and I study the languages above mentioned is enough to make games work. Now the art concept, design, audio, etcetera is a completely different matter. I'm glad to understand how it works now and thank you very much for your help. If it's anything else that you would like to explain to me, or if there's something that you think I still don't understand, don't be afraid to tell me something because I almost know nothing about game development and it would be very helpful for me to get into this world. Furthermore, I never expected to be that simple, if course it would need a lot of work however with engines things becomes much, much easier.
  6. Serox

    Material for game developing

    @Alberth @Orymus3 Thank you very much for you help. The article that you just shared though is something that other articles talk as well. I'm sure that I want to start with little things such as Pong that would let me reach and sratch the surface of this subject. However where do I start? Should I learn specific programming language that would be relatively easy? Use a GameMaker? At what point a GameMaker wouldn't be enough? For programming I understand what you mean because I had experiences with HTML5, CSS, Java, and a little bit of JavaScript. What I really wonder is the actual coding that would allow me to reach the stage of sending commands to the interface, so something like a little triangle can move or even shoot squares. That's where me real lack of understanding appears. Does the Jesse Schell's book talk about game development in depth?
  7. Serox

    Material for game developing

    @Infinisearch I'm not quite sure yet but I would say it would be logic programming. What's the main core of a game? For example, I would say that programming is the core, and concept art, graphics, etcetera would be the layers to make it good looking. I would say something like: "Go to this direction, this key equals to jump." I expect to be understandable, if not, sorry in advance and thank you for your help.
  8. Hey, I was wondering if you could help me with some begginer game development material such as Books, websites, etc. I find myself a little bit lost since seems that there only few websites (from my expirience) that covers this matter in a quite professional way. If possible, I would like to know what people do study on university and what kind of books they have access to in order to be able to go ahead and jump in this vast world. Although, if possible, I would like some reccomendations on how to start and direct me a little bit more into mobas. I'm aware that few steps are needed before jumping into this whole world and that mobas are really hard to create and expensive (my main objective in the future), I just would like people to give me some adviced more orientated than other games even if the first games that I would probably start to make would be even less than a level from super Mario bros. Meanwhile engines, even if is a matter that I believe that I shouldn't touch yet, Unreal Engine have a lot of documentation of how to is it and how everything works in their engine, so I feel confident that there's no need for further material but who knows, I'm just a noob trying to figure out how this world works. Thank you in advance for your help.
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