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  1. SuperChronicleSparten

    Starting Out

    I have Unreal, unity, and Cryengine installed on my pc at this point. unity because, I didn't know if i wanted to use it or not. Unreal because of it's streamlined dev pipeline. Cryengine because you can make simple assets, levels, animations, cinematics, and complex scripts all with relative ease, and I have done. All of them (Cryengine). But my computer can't render it. I want to make full 3d games, maybe even with an open world. Unity I have a huge struggle remembering how to code with c# and Java has been removed in the latest version. Unreal, I can just never stick with because everything I want to do requires me to learn more "visual coding", but that's still coding.
  2. SuperChronicleSparten

    Starting Out

    I thought I might have to use unity, the only problem is that I have 1% total c# knowledge.
  3. SuperChronicleSparten

    Starting Out

    I know that there is no right answer to "which game engine is the best". That's why I'm not going to bother. I have Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4, and Cryengine installed on my computer. Not very good specs, and I'm running on a $0 budget. But I wanted to know if there was any engine out there with easy (relatively) animation capabilities, blueprint or flowgraph like programming, and simple creation methods. there are probably going to no answers for this, but I thought I might as well ask the community.
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