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  1. Nuclear Winter

    Hello comrades, I am the leader of a small, independent indie game studio and we are currently working on an open-world survival F/TPS, entitled "Nuclear Winter." The game is designed to be a realistic and extremely unforgiving experience set in the war-torn landscape of North America, seven years after a nuclear war, which has resulted in a global nuclear winter, a phenomenon when so much debris is in the atmosphere that global temperatures are reduced. The player plays as a member of one of seven factions, five of which are actively warring with each other, and the other two as neutral groups. The player can also choose to not be in a faction at all. I have come up with many interesting mechanics, including the implementation of a sleeping feature in a multiplayer game, as well as a score of conditions and afflictions that besiege the player. If you would like to contribute and join the development team, please message me privately. Thank you, and have a good day. Red_Dawn
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