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  1. Hi everyone. I've been a long time user of this sub, helped out many and in turn been helped. I decided to put my skills to the test and FINISH a game (gasp). I wanted to make a bit grindy RPG type game that wasn't dependant on timers to build things so you'd come back every hour of every day. I couldn't find anything in the app stores. The game is a classic RPG overworld, enter dungeons which are sidescrolling monster slash levels and a few platforming levels. The difference is your hero auto walks. I started out with an idea of an idle clicker type game since I thought "This will take me no time at all." It ended up being a small rpg with a few tap elements, but more skill/planning. I had a hugely hard time trying to get monster HP, exp gain per level, gold drop, weapon prices, et cetera. I never even thought about that being an obstacle. Anyway, here it is. If anyone has any questions on how I did things or comments, please feel free. As a last note too, if you're using a PC to play it, WSAD moves world map and Space is tap attack. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FieryPhoenix.TapRPG This is the android APK. Just search TAPRPG Raithen i the google play store, or if you'd like to try it and you don't have an android, just download BlueStacks on your PC. Thanks in advance guys.
  2. I haven't dabbled in 3d just yet, but I imagine that since I have the core understanding of Unity it wouldn't be hard at all. Just more vector3's and less vector 2's. So almost a 3d version of my golf game, but zoomed in a lot more. Super Monkey Ball comes to mind if you've seen that game.
  3. Raithen

    Getting started

    Hi mate. I'm self taught in Unity over the past year. Let me know if i can help. Two things you need to grasp with unity is moving/manipulating sprites and collisions. Once you have those two things down you can start to make anything. Here are two games I've recently made which are basically just moving a sprite and collisions. Golforama Balloon Boy Once you get a couple of weeks into learning C#/Unity, i could teach you to make both of those games with a half hour each 1-on-1 lesson.
  4. Raithen

    What Program should i use

    Unity 2017. Here are two games I have made after just half a year of learning. My next project is a hand drawn 2d platformer. Balloon Boy GolfOrama
  5. Raithen

    Starting Out

    Try Unity 2017, the newest version. Animation is so simple. Here is a game I made. The balloon and the boy animation took 5 seconds to create in game and 10 seconds to code it in. Balloon Boy You literally drag in your animated frames and it makes an animation for you to access. If you need future help with it then hit me up.
  6. Hi everyone. I have recently taught myself Unity from scratch with no formal training in programming. I see a lot of people asking where to start, how to do things and I thought I would post here to both showcase my game and help the community. My spin on teaching/showing is from an average Joe perspective instead of a professional who shows things without explaining to the real beginners. For example they say "put a rigidbody 2d on this" and no understanding on why that is the case or what the hell it even is. The first game is a flappy-like game called Balloon Boy. This is a great project for people to lean. One button input to manipulate the character to pass through rings without hitting them. Simple, addictive. Balloon Boy Game The average score is around 15, but someone sent me a screen shot of 22. If you're wanting to develop in Unity let me know and I can guide you 1-on-1 or a write up of how to make your own. The second game is a 2D Mini Golf game. Full of trick shots, beating the par, unlocking courses, and I gave a try at 2 player hot-seat (boy that was hard). Despite the complexity of the game there are very simple mechanics that a month-old Unity user could accomplish. Golf-O-rama game If you think you're good at angle, power charge games then give this one a go. The last part of the journey of making these games was converting to Android APK, setting up a google play account, trying to integrate ads into the games, and following the progress. Any questions about the steps or results, ask away. Lastly, as these are my first games I've finished and I'm new, feel free to let me know any suggestions or critique. I'll be lurking around the forums helping people where I can. Cheers everyone.
  7. Hi, mate. I'm a transcriptionist/writer/proof reader by trade. If you like I can proof read, help write and offer continuity suggestions for your text. Cheers.
  8. Pen and paper is the first step. Get an idea, break it down. Think about what engine you're going to make and then list all the variables you'll use, input, et cetera. Then plan on making each of those modules one at a time. Example: Flappy bird. Bird graphic, Pipe graphic, one button input, collision. Variables : score, maybe x/y co-ordinates depeninding on what engine/how you're scripting it. Then I'd get the graphic of the bird, write the input script, write the collission script.
  9. Raithen

    The best first game engine to try as a beginner

    Feel free to hit me up if you choose unity. 2D in unity is amazing these days and there is only little bits of coding that is manageable for beginiers.
  10. You can store individual values in the 10's. So: private int single, private int ten, private int hundred, private int thousand, private int tenthousand score.text = tenthousand + thousand + hundred + ten + single;
  11. If you're new to coding go with C#. C++ learning modules are very convoluted with lots of code they tell you to put in and will explain later.
  12. Raithen

    Fonts dissapearing in Unity!Help!

    Hi, mate. You just need to make your box bigger. Check your settings on it too for truncating and wordwrap options.
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