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  1. Ender Blue

    Just another beginer story

    Thanks for the help, we are reducing the scope a lot and it actually looks doable now. Thanks for taking your time and answering.
  2. Ender Blue

    Just another beginer story

    We plan to make something like your typical "Guy goes into dungeon" scenario, the only difference would be that instead of a dungeon, the character is exploring a big maze like forest. More than a crafting system, we were thinking on something like "He gets this kind of metal that releases heat and a bar of wood, and he can make a new flaming sword", we wanted him to use these new weapons to get access to new places in the forest, kind of like in a Metroidvania (but in top down RPG flavour), so it wouldn't be like "oh no, I've run out of arrows, let's go back to the village and make 100 more), it would be more like a progression system. And the only tools we have right now are RPG maker (which we don't want to use because we don't want our game to be too generic), Game Maker (which we are actually OK on using because we have been learning a bit about it recently) and Unity (Which for now is completely out of our reach). I have another friend who is actually a computer ingeneer, but I don't want to bother him hahaha, so we are locked with the two of us for now.
  3. Hello, Me and a friend have been thinking of making a game, but the thing is that, we only have someone who only knows how to write and very VERY basic coding (Me) and another person who can make the music and know a bit more coding and know how to use Game Maker. We are thinking of making a top down Action RPG with some crafting elements, is it possible to make it with our limited abilities? obviously we are open to learn and improve, but, can we start and do something with what we already have?
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