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  1. 2D software neutral book

    I found this, is called Digital Image Compositing Fundamentals. Here's the url: https://www.amazon.it/Digital-Compositing-Fundamentals-Wallace-Jackson-ebook/dp/B01IK5DEPO/ref=sr_1_46?ie=UTF8&qid=1511714131&sr=8-46 Thanks anyhow.
  2. 2D software neutral book

    Ok, now it's clear. At least, if I understood, I have to learn how to draw/paint rather than learning what different raster graphics editors share. Then, I have to transpose to any editor. If this is right, what's the best digital painting book?
  3. 2D software neutral book

    I'm mainly interested in tiles/spreadsheets. anything old school But, if you see the Vaughan book, there are described techniques which can be used in almost any 3d modeling application. If you see the Snoman one, it describes common music production techniques, which can be used with almost any digital audio workstation. Now, the book I'm looking for should share the same approach: show common 2d graphics techniques, which can be used with almost any software.
  4. 2D software neutral book

    Thanks, but it's too fragmented. I'd like to buy 1 book, not 10s.
  5. 2D software neutral book

    Yes, I'm looking for a 2d graphics book, but it has to be software neutral: I should use it with either photoshop, gimp, krita, paint.net, etc.
  6. 2D software neutral book

    Hello everyone. I have [digital] modeling from Vaughan, dance music manual from Snowman, is it there anything similar for 2D graphics? Thanks in advance for any help. Bye, Ivano.
  7. 2D game programming book

    Thanks, exactly what I look for. I'm not interested in html, but I guess I can port to other languages easily.
  8. 2D game programming book

    I'd like to learn development of 2d games, mainly with scrolling. I have some confused background on stuff like collision detection, tile based games, sprite animation and so. I'd like a book which explains one any 2d game from start to finish, just as reference. P.S.: if does it exists, it should use pseudo code
  9. 2D game programming book

    Hello everyone. I'd like to learn 2D game programming, so I'd need a book which explains everything needed to create a full game. (Engine, collision detection, tiles/sprite, and so on) Please, give me advice.
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