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  1. DejayHextrix

    Android Online Game Bot !?!Help!?!

    Thanks, for the long but very useful explanation. Helps me out a lot. I will figure this out or figure out an alternative.
  2. DejayHextrix

    Android Online Game Bot !?!Help!?!

    I need more then just Automation. I need the bot to interactive with the world to know where resource tiles, monsters and whatever else I need the bot to find within the world. So it needs to be interactive not just automation. Like I said a macro(mouse) recorder is not what I am looking for.
  3. DejayHextrix

    Android Online Game Bot !?!Help!?!

    Is there an alternative way to create the bot to use the UI Variables for more interaction? Because you're almost describing a macro recorder(Mouse Recorder, with UI Coordinates of each function to click) I wouldn't mind having a bot that can interact on it own and find certain variables on its own without UI interface Coordinates. If that makes sense? War and Order Android Game. Thank you guys so much for taking the effort to help me out. I really appreciate it, help finding a solution to my project.
  4. DejayHextrix

    Android Online Game Bot !?!Help!?!

    Even if the Android game is ran through an emulator on windows? Btw, Thank you. At least someone who can help me instead of complaining about my "Low-Level Effort" in my post. All I'm trying to do is get started.
  5. Hi, New here. I need some help. My fiance and I like to play this mobile game online that goes by real time. Her and I are always working but when we have free time we like to play this game. We don't always got time throughout the day to Queue Buildings, troops, Upgrades....etc.... I was told to look into DLL Injection and OpenGL/DirectX Hooking. Is this true? Is this what I need to learn? How do I read the Android files, or modify the files, or get the in-game tags/variables for the game I want? Any assistance on this would be most appreciated. I been everywhere and seems no one knows or is to lazy to help me out. It would be nice to have assistance for once. I don't know what I need to learn. So links of topics I need to learn within the comment section would be SOOOOO.....Helpful. Anything to just get me started. Thanks, Dejay Hextrix
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