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  1. Evan Wright

    Creating a server for a shut down game

    Would there be a way to bypass this issue and just play the game?
  2. Evan Wright

    Creating a server for a shut down game

    I'm not man. Im just a casual gamer, and I had some questions. Let's say they did give me their server code what would I do with it?
  3. Evan Wright

    Creating a server for a shut down game

    How would you do that? Is there a tutorial?
  4. o back in 2015, there was a game that I liked to play called Transformers Universe. Unfortunately, it got shut down and they terminated all the servers for the game, and they got rid of the website and stuff. Today, I used the way back machine to go back and access some of the archives of the website, and I managed to download an installer for the game which had all of the game files. I pretty much knew that it was not going to work, and I got this issue. (https://gyazo.com/15bc28ac401f035e8eb99d6a9fc19a51). This got me thinking, could I make my own server to play the game from which would allow me to play? Like a private server sort of deal? The only problem is that, when you launch up the game, you had to log in to make an account and I'm pretty sure they wiped all of the accounts and what not. If I made my own server, could I make my own account and be able to log in and play the game. Or this there a way I can just play the game without having to login entirely. I'm no unity developer so this is why I have all these questions and I really need help. If you want to talk privately, you can just PM me for any other stuff you need to know.- Evan
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