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  1. Felipe G

    First steps

    Thanks everyone for the help! I would say that working in the gaming industry is more of a dream haha, for the time being, I'd like to start from something and make a game because I enjoy it. I don't know C++, I guess I'd have to learn it at some point, I guess for the time being C# sounds good. Thanks for the help! Nice to meet you too. I've seen Monogame, I was kinda afraid of not knowing how low-levelish it was, and if maybe in my inexperience it would be too much for me, but I guess I am going to give it a try! I would like to work with Unity or Unreal with some bigger projects, but eventually haha. Thanks for the suggestions! That's a great advice, you are right, I guess is always the fear of doing things wrong, and trying to make everything perfect from the get-go, but it's right, the best thing would be to just start. Thanks a lot, as a beginner, it's great to hear from others.
  2. Felipe G

    First steps

    Hi everyone, This is my first post, after lurking for some time I finally signed up. I was looking for some advice and thought that maybe I could ask here for some help, in how to approach game development, 2D in this case. I'm a programmer, I have been programming for 2/3 years or so, and I'm fairly confident in some of my skills, I've worked with Java mostly, a bit of C#, and a bit of Python, mostly in my spare time or small projects for work. My experience with game development is fairly short, I had a Unity course in college, it was very short and not too complex, and with my final project, in which I made an endless runner, using LibGDX, but this was mostly following a tutorial. The thing is, now I want to start again with game development, and I'm not sure what would be the best way to approach it in the long term. Since I'm a bit experienced with programming, and I want to learn and understand a bit of what I'm doing, I didn't want to go with a full engine, like Unity or Unreal, and in my ignorance, since the project I want to make is something like a Zelda clone(A Link to the past) or a Metroidvania, I kept going back to frameworks. I know of LibGDX since is the one I worked before (but there's always the stigma against Java), Monogame, which is the one I heard the most for published games (but I'm not sure how it compares to LibGDX in terms of how much low-level things you have to do), Haxeflixel and Love2D, of these two I don't know how low level they are, or what tools they have. I get that my idea is fairly simple, and most of these frameworks or engines will work, but since I want to learn in the long term, I'm not sure what to pick, I don't want it to be so drag-and-drop like let's say GameMaker, but I don't know how wises it would be to start with something so low-level-ish, since it could be frustrating, and my goal is to actually make games. So I'd like to hear your opinion guys, and any other idea you may have, I'm not that knowledgeable in the topic so I'm all ears. I hope I get my idea through, sorry if my English comes a bit rough. Thanks everyone in advance,
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