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  1. I have released a new version (2.18). There are a lot of updates and improvements. At this moment the game has reached 30k installs. Looks like it's not bad.
  2. The game got more than 10k installs in Google Play! This is the little victory
  3. Hi everyone! I'm indie game developer on Unity. Today I have released my second game - Slope Down: First Trip It's a huge descent with a high speed through the green plains and cliffs. Arcade where you have to find out a Crystal and save the World from a coming disaster. Game details: • 20 unique levels • Beautiful low poly graphics • Dynamic time change • Beautiful music during the game • Set up new records at the dangerous levels • Open a lot of achievements • Upgrade your sphere (ball) to the maximum power • Take different improvements to be faster The game is available on both platforms: Android and iOS If you have a chance to download it, feel free to do it and share your thought regarding the game. Release Trailer:
  4. feelnside

    Farming Dead - idle zombie game for iOS

    Congratulations with the featuring on app store, it's really cool!
  5. feelnside

    Slope Down: First Trip screenshots

    This album includes the screenshots from the "Slope Down: First Trip" mobile game.
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