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  1. JoeJ i do believe that several procedural techniques have manifested in the market but i feel that the manual to procedural(run-time) ratio is high. therefore i want to know if indie developers are: Avoiding it to play safe Do not find need to use it (this is for a dissertation im working on )
  2. Kavik Kang games such as spelunky, terraria, the binding of issaac, super meat boy have done well proving that the effort can infact be worth it... yes i do agree that there are many loopholes in procedural generation but i think that if devs spend time and effort coming up with more efficient, better performing procedural systems, it would be a treat for their audiences.
  3. Kavik Kang thank for your input....i asked this question for a dissertation i am working on titled: Deliberate Ignorance/Aversion of the Indie Development Scene towards procedural content generation.
  4. I believe that developers do not implement run-time procedural generation for they fear that audiences are not accepting towards it given the downfall of games such as no man's sky. (Please share your thoughts if you AGREE or DISAGREE)
  5. JoeJ thank you for your inputs for my questions which were a little broad. I do understand that the first question i asked was unprofessional and didn't come out the way it was intended to and that's why i'll be rephrasing.
  6. cjmarsh Thanks a lot for your inputs, they were really insightful and thought provoking sorry for not specifying the type of procedural generation that i wanted views on (run-time) but you took that into consideration anyway.... thanks again
  7. No Man's Sky's Technical foundation is nothing short of amazing but the game literally has nothing in it.....18 Quintilian barren planets ...but at the same time games like "the binding of isaac" and spelunky seemed to have hit the spot.
  8. I was referring to procedural generation as part of the game creation process ....something like the game Spelunky. Ive Seen your work and im in awe....the dirt and rock textures, that awesome terrain editor and the "voxel" environment are insane......could you refer or name some of the study material that helped you understand and implement procedural work?
  9. This is for a dissertation im working on regarding procedural generation directed towards indie Developers so if you're an indie dev please feel free to share your thoughts Does run-time procedural generation limit the designer's freedom and flexibility? if( Have you ever implemented procedural generation ==true){ talk about some of the useful algorithms used} else {explain why you haven't} Do you think indie Devs are taking advantage of the benefits provided by procedural generation? What are some of the games that inspired you to take up procedural content generation? If there is anyway i can see your work regarding proc gen please mention the link ( cz i need actual indie developers to make a valid point in my dissertation) Thank You So Much
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