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  1. kane david

    Learning Level Design

    what games that have level editor you would suggest, since i just need a start more than choosing a specific type of games to work with
  2. kane david

    Learning Level Design

    I want to start learning Level Design, so what are the main topics I have to learn about specifically? since I learn on my own, so I don't want to drop something that could be important, and if there are some suggested books or courses to start from.
  3. kane david

    do i need to build my own assets

    so who could do this part if it's hard i mean how they mange levels without level designer ?
  4. i'm beginner at game development and i started to design some levels and environments but should i download my assets or learn how to create them like 3D modeling ,texturing etc if i want to have a job in the industry as a level designer ?
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