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  1. Thanks all for the tips, i tried adding a detail normal noise map on top of existing base normals. Right now im focusing on quadtree algos, will keep you guys posted.
  2. Also how to add detail to terrain like above mentioned in Gpu GEMS book!?
  3. Hi, How below is my another attempt at terrain rendering in rust/vukano. But my question is very general. How to make this looking beautiful and sellable terrain rendering? Each tile is 64x64 with lod difference of ^2 scales as it starts with an QuadTree and breaks down. Also it is currently a deferred rendering basic setup. Currently i dont have shader code for PBR/HDR/ScatteredSky/GroundFog/Tesselation or any of the cool buzz words. So please tell me todos or a task list to make this look like Start Citizen like good (no need to discuss spherical/plantery rendering thats later stage)... Also post useful links to tutorials/articles or papers. Thanks.
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