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  1. Hi everyone Im working along side some friends of mine and we are looking for a 2D artist to work with us we are a team of 2 coders and a 3D artist if you are interested to join our project please message me and we can work something up the ultimate goal of our project its to go into kickstarter and get funding for the game basics from the game twin-stick shooter wit 2.5D for exploration of towns and cities in the world of the dead base in the mexican culture of "El dia de los muertos" ithe project name its Mictlan 2D game art sprites UI elements (inventory and Icons and menu) if anyone its interested please message me so we can chat abour the project I let you some images of the game and some assets we have done (sorry for that we are not artists) feel free to contact me carlos_gallegos2095@outlook.com
  2. carlos gallegos

    Fun hobby game

    hey im interested in starting something what do you say?
  3. carlos gallegos

    Simple Pixel Art Platformer requires coder(s)

    hi im interested im a programmer C# java and WEB js php
  4. Hi Shack, im a programmer, how about we start with something?
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