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  1. Luhan M.

    OOP is dead, long live OOP

    As a beginner, the only thing I can say is thank you for bringing this kind of content.
  2. Luhan M.

    Physics for a 2D game

    I'll check it out, thanks for the tip.
  3. Luhan M.

    Physics for a 2D game

    I do use fixed time step, but in my previous game (a breakout), I had problems with tunneling, and did need to use raycast. The problem I'm thinking about is when you're running against some kind of wall repeatedly, which would cause various collision. So, how could I treat it to not let the character penetrate, or if it was penetrated, resolve the collision in a way that if he persists running against it, he wouldn't pass through it?
  4. Luhan M.

    Physics for a 2D game

    I'm working at a mario clone right now, and I'm not so sure about the method which I should utilize for detecting and handling the collision. I did read and watched about GJK, and even implemented kind of the half of it (I'm only able to detect the collision), but I don't know how should I resolve the collision, nor if this method of detection will be able to resolve the "bullet through paper" problem that could arise because of the acceleration. Here a little video of the GJK (when turns blue, it's colliding) : Any thoughts about the collision method most suited for this kind of game?
  5. Luhan M.

    Architecture of code in a game

    This makes sense, I'll do it. Thank you.
  6. I've completed 3 games till now (Pong, Snake, Breakout), and in the end of each one of them I ask myself, how could I improve the way I architecture my code. After searching for 2 days, I've found out about the ECS and data oriented design (I'm not so sure, but seems like these two do walk holding hands). The thing is that they seem like a very efficient way to organize the code for optimization, as well for being able to modify a entity without too much trouble, but I'm not so sure if it's worth the trouble in a very small game in which you probably won't need optimization. The question is: worth it now to have such mindset in my game, or should I "create" my own way to architecture the code as I learn?
  7. Luhan M.

    Pong AI

    If you want you could post here your code, or a pseucode of what you're trying to do, and explain what is actually happening, I don't use c#, but probably I could try to help you because I did a pong not a long time ago. And you of course can try something else, as myself, I didn't use it, I was only checking for the whole box of both if there was a collision (when i did make the pong).
  8. Luhan M.

    Pong AI

    I'm not so sure about the way I use raycast, but it works in my game. What I do is check the X and Y axis if it will have a collision in the next frame (it have to happen in both axis, otherwise it would collide without touching it). // Velocity is the speed with a direction // I'm considering that the ball and player have the origin in the center of the object // The bot_position.x - (bot_size.x / 2), check the leftmost part of the paddle if (ball_position.x + velocity.x * delta_time <= bot_position.x && ball_position.x + velocity.x * delta_time >= bot_position.x - (bot_size.x / 2)) It's only an example, so you'd have to change it to actually check the whole hit box of both. To know where it collided, you could do after finding that it collided: float paddle_part = (bot_position.y - ball_position.y) / (bot_size.y / 2). PS: A more experienced person is more than welcome to correct any mistake I made.
  9. Luhan M.

    The games called "masterpieces"

    That's a good definition, I think I didn't find yet a game which I could play it again and still have fun, besides some genre of games which are designed with that in mind, such as roguelike, mmo, etc.
  10. Luhan M.

    The games called "masterpieces"

    I do agree with that, everyone has his own tastes, but what annoys me is that the games I've been playing were pratically unnanimously acclaimed by people, even in forums more dedicate to people that believe games can be more than just spending time. And when I played them, there was so many flaws that you keep playing to see if the game gets better, but don't happens. Most of the games I'm playing they're a little old, so it's not because of hype, but more because of the immense amount of positive reviews. I check reviews of players, and when the majority says the game is good, for me atleast, even if you don't like the game, you should have the sensation that the game is good, but unhappily isn't for you.
  11. I created this topic with the intention to see the different opinions about some of those games, because I've been trying some of them, and I've to say that, most of them were really disappointing in various aspects. For example, I finished the first Bioshock and felt that the game was really cool in the beginning, but it declines very fast in the way that the atmosphere is lost after some time, and the story is weak, the "Would you kindly" part was interesting, but only that didn't hold the game for me, especially when you're helping "Atlas" and Ryan says that you actually do not know his interests, because of that I was already waiting for what would happen in the future. So, What're your experience with some of those games that are so acclaimed by the majority of people as "masterpieces"? PS: Your opinion about using such label for games is welcome as well.
  12. Luhan M.

    Problem with sleep

    I sleep at least 7 hours everyday, and in the past I tried sleeping more, like between 8~9 hours, but I didn't felt difference, so I settled for 7 to 7:30 hours a day of sleeping. But do you wake up in the middle of the night a lot of times too? Because that is what caused in my experience the feeling of waking up tired.
  13. Luhan M.

    Coding moods

    I thinks the same way as Hodgman, it's really hard to program for 8 hours or more, and actually get all of it as progress. Being a beginner in this world of programming I noticed that I want to spend a lot of time doing it, because you want to get better everyday, but sometimes just making a little progress everyday would make more sense than actually counting the hours you spend sitting at your desk. Of course there is the side of having a job, I don't work yet, but, sometimes I think about it, and when I start working I probably won't be coding at home because it's kinda exhaustive to do that at the job and home, which led me to think about why some people quit their jobs to give a chance to try to living by only creating the things they want (most of the cases here would probably be games).
  14. Luhan M.

    Problem with sleep

    So, yesterday I didn't program before bed (I stopped 2 hours before going to sleep), and didn't drink coffee in the afternoon. I did slept much better. I'll try too to change my diet to introduce some green as the others said. Thanks for the tips guys. I'm waiting some books from amazon. I always read it before going to the gym, when they arrive I'll try reading them before bed.
  15. Luhan M.

    Problem with sleep

    I still living with my mom, and I have no source of incoming, so, for now it won't possible (these things tend to be really expensive here) =/ I think coffee maybe is affecting me more than I think (I'm not sure), because sometimes I drink it kinda late (5:30 pm). I generally let it a little open , but I can't let it all open, because my brother doesn't get up early. As you said and @L. Spiro, I'll try to not program before bed today to see if it helps me.
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