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  1. Acestones

    Questions for FPS on Mobile Phones

    First of all,thank you for answering,Scouting Ninja man! In addition,I'm thinking of designing a multi-players FPS,such as Quake3 Arena on mobile phones,but after I played several Mobile FPS or TPS,I found the Moving-Aiming combine experience really sucks. So I think simplify either moving or aiming may help,as well as accelerating the pace in compensation of the fun. Did you ever see a good sample of this kind of FPS man? And,based on DOOM,there seems no particular gameplays to me,just an ancestor of morden FPS...Is there anything amazing I missed? In the end,the third question is about the controlling,the fictitious joystick is hard to use both moving and aiming. Thank you!
  2. After I saw a DOOM video on my cell phone,I suddenly found it's really cool,both of the looking and feeling. So the questions came out to me: 1-Is there much less fun when a FPS game with out verticle aiming? 2-What's the core strategy or technique when playing this kind of game? 3-Is it easy to use the strategy or technique when using a mobile phone? What's your opinion guys?
  3. Acestones

    Most important principles of game design?

    Game Maker's Toolkit is so cool,man,thank you!
  4. Acestones

    Game design and Gestalt laws

    So the Gestalt laws mainly helps the UI design only?Maybe some puzzles at the most?
  5. Acestones

    Any Ideas for a 2D Shooter?

    What are the principles of online shooters? Reffering to shooter gameplay,2D platform shooter is lack of some tactics(e.g. aiming, roundabout),and more inconvinient of verticle moving ,etc. So the 2D platform shooter game needs some gameplay to regain the fun of them above. Same principles seem insufficient. Maybe some unique gameplays of 2D games will work nicely,such as warfog,jetpack,etc.
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