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  1. Need some critic over a game trailer storyboard

    There is no pictures for the moment, as we have to draw them for the trailer I want to have a good storyboard (just text about what's in the video).
  2. Need some critic over a game trailer storyboard

    Hum, nobody at all? Maybe somebody know a place where I can get this thing criticized? Or some tutos for commercial use trailers? I didn't any any outside of very basic ones on the for now.
  3. Hello We're working on a project since a year, and recently, to participate into a contest we need a game video/trailer. It could be a simple gameplay video, but I saw that games with polished trailers were really advantaged last years. I never did videos before, so I wrote this after seeing some pro trailers. The main points of our game are: -A strange and well written setting -A strong freedom of action -turn per turn battle system, close to tabletops RPGs -a strong race/class and multiclassing strategy (6 races and 21 classes) for team members (think FF Tactics) I wanted them to be visible in the video Also, we don't have a lot of material for the videos, as we didn't started any form of promo for the moment (basically that contest will be our official announcement) We have: -Concept arts -Ingame videos -We could draw 2-3 promo art for the video -Hopefully we will have the main game theme for the music Here is the storyboard: (Picture - Creation of Adam by Michelangelo) (Text) Each world is the mirror of the God who created it. But how would look a world created by a god... (First promo art - a view of a game location) ...who thought that the Metro is the finest human creation? (First video - Adventure) (Text just before the first video) Explore a huge and breathtaking world (Text just after the first video) Would you be a Trader? An Explorer? A pirate? (Optional) (Concept arts of characters) (Text) Decide who will be your trustworty friend... ...and who will be your deadly foe (second video - combat system) (Optional - text during video) A turn per turn system close to tabletops RPGs (Different concepts art of classes and races) (Text) Meet your teamembers from X races And choose their ability from 21 classes. (Logo animation on the second promo art) XXX release the XXX Here are my questions: -What do you think overall? -Should I keep things labelled optionnal? -I've tried as hard as possible to avoid text/picture/video overlaps. That something that I strongly dislike on some trailers because you can't read and watch at the same time, Do you think I'm right? -I've putted the game name and logo only at the end of the video, do you think that's an error? -Do you think that the video is showing our strong points enough? -A last question: gameplay wise we have 6 different races in the game. However it's the male/female variation of three basic races. In two cases they are looking really differently, in the last one it's basically humans. Do you think it's wiser to speak about 6 races, 3 races, or just not mention that topic. Thank you for your critic
  4. Where to find artists / designers ?

    We generally use DeviantArt, as there is a lot of great artists there.
  5. Best method for us to create these sprites?

    Checked a bit, it seems that most bone animation software have issues with 2,5D because of perspective. Spriter may work, for a jRPG style (that I would prefer to avoid, but in case if there is no other choices...)
  6. Best method for us to create these sprites?

    Thanks a lot for your answers, I think we'll go for bone animation. I''ll make some try to work with unity (whithout Spine) tonight.
  7. Best method for us to create these sprites?

    Hum, that's seems reasonable. If I take your middle prices, for 3D, the cost would be 1000$ for the core work, and about 5x6x400=12200$ for the animation (number of animations -5 number of bodies -6), for a total of about 13000 just for the playable sprites. And at least as much for the enemies, even if we cut a lot of them. That would be about 26000$ just for sprites, considered that we have a 25000$ budget for all the game graphics, for the moment.
  8. Best method for us to create these sprites?

    Yes, I was meaning bone animation/spine while I was speaking about the 2D possibility. What are the possible drawbacks? I fear that 3D is inevitable, as it seems more cost effective anyway.
  9. Hello We're a small company that recently started her first "big" project - a turn based, isometric game for PC/Steam on Unity We have a dilemma about the method we should use to create battle sprites. We have 3 playable races (with 2 gender each, that's 6 "base" bodies), and 16 classes. There is some limitation but overall, let's say that each "body" can choose between 15 classes. The character appearance depends from it's class, except the head and the weapon (think final fantasy tactics) So, we have 90 sprites to create, and that's only for playable characters appearance. We thought about two methods: -The easiest one: Create very simple sprites in pixel art. That would be cost effective, and in our budget limit. However I dislike this idea, it would give the game a very casual look, that could misguide the players (the game is intended to be midcore-hardcore). - The mysterious one: We could modelize and animate the 6 base bodies in 3D, then create textures for each classes. The problem is that we don't have any experience in 3D, so there is a lot of questions about this method: How much time would it take to create 6 bodies and 90 textures? How much would it cost, by outsourcing it to a specialist? (Don't need high res models). Another problem with the second method, is that would mean that we need to use the same technic for the rest of the sprites (enemies). So we would need to modelize all the non-humanoid enemies, and even unique characters (bosses). If anybody could help us with my question about 3D, or if somebody have an idea about a method/technic/software that I missed, I would be very grateful.
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