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  1. michaeldodis

    Anyone here a self-taught graphics programmer?

    I'm actually studying at a university, but it'll be a long time before I can take the graphics programming course. So up to now I guess I'm considered self-taught? I've dabbled with graphics programming for only a year and half though, so I'm still learning! But I'll tell you anyway. I think the hardest part was getting a good understanding of what actually happens in the GPU. Now I'm not saying I have completely mastered the gpu, no. I started with opengl like most people I think. I couldn't even get it compile, that's how bad I was 😂 Anyways, I kept trying and trying, watching a lot of videos and reading lots of text tutorials. I didn't understand even the simplest gpu pipeline until a lot later on, but now I know why it is the way it is. I did it as a hobby, but obviously now Im thinking of doing it for a living. It's a pretty hard topic, but it's so satisfying when you start to slowly understand different parts of it! As for specific videos or text tutorials, I just watched almost all of them. I strongly suggest This guy's tutorials though. I hope I helped anyone who's trying to get into graphics!
  2. I'd say either python with pygame, or Construct 2. Python is a very famous language and Construct 2 requires no programming knowledge!
  3. Oh, so having the user provide the graphics back-end? I haven't really looked at most of the source code in IMGUI, but I did have a look at This library, which is practically the same, but header-only and in ANSI C. I'll try to adjust it so the GUI logic can be written separately from the rendering code. Thanks for the suggestion man!
  4. I've started building a small library, that can render pie menu GUI in legacy opengl, planning to add some traditional elements of course. It's interface is similar to something you'd see in IMGUI. It's written in C. Early version of the library I'd really love to hear anyone's thoughts on this, any suggestions on what features you'd want to see in a library like this? Thanks in advance!
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