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  1. My short-term goal right now is a job as a Junior Programmer in any game company, just to get my foot int the door and start earning some income. My long term goal is to Programme for bigger more established game companies and help games that interest me. Im in semi-fortunate position where i don't have to work a full time job so i have the learn how to programme. i did my research into whats a good beginner way to start, Unity and C# came up a lot, so i threw my hat in. For the past 5 months i've been learning C# and Unity using the udemy tutorials at a slow but steady pace as i come from a 0 maths/ programming background. Right now getting the hang of things , understanding most code and the unity engine to a point where i feel comfortable at my current level around Beginner/ Intermediate. Although im still keen to continue with Unity, I cant help this nagging feeling that(lets say for arguments sake i do actually get a job) if i do peruse this path and end up with a job as a developer for a company that uses Unity or whatever else uses C# . There is going to be a point at however many X years down the line i am, im still using unity, im going to be in a position where i want to work on bigger more mainstream games that use C++. I want to get a job ASAP, i know it will take at the very least another 7 months probably, learning more code, making a portfolio and all the rest, so i dont really want to change and start from scratch again. Im not bashing unity but it looks like its main use is mobile games, which would be perfectly fine as a starting point, but not as a long term career. Hypothetically If i continue to focus on learning C# / Unity to reach my goal, and at some-point i want to move into bigger prospects and learn C++, how screwed would i be if i wanted to transition over. Im by no means a smart guy that picks up things fast, im just willing to put in the time/effort. Should i scrap learning C# and unity for C++ / Unreal or just power on through and transition later down the line after i get some experience first. Time is a factor, but i want to make sure im not condemning myself to a path i wont like later down the line...
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