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  1. thesargento

    Where to start… MMO to single player

    I have some understanding of it. Learned on the fly by modding many games. As stated in my first post, I have some knowledge of a few languages. Willing to learn any and everything I need to get my goal. Will u help me with some advice?
  2. thesargento

    Where to start… MMO to single player

    Ok, looks like we've passed all the judgments, opinions, whys and why nots... Now, can someone share some light on the matter? Some guidelines? The original question stands the same. Thnx in advance, any help is appreciated
  3. thesargento

    Where to start… MMO to single player

    Best/worst case scenario: IF and WHEN I pull it off, I still have no rights on it, so the only ones I can contact are the original developers. Here is how the conversation would go: "Me: Hey guys, I've made a single-player version of your game 'cause I like your game but I don't like the MMO system. Here is the code. Devs: Ah! you SOB! we'll sue you till you die! no, wait... Me: Okay, I'll be here having the time of my life, nice talking to u guys." ...or: I pull it off, don't tell anyone, have the time of my life modding-playing until the end of days
  4. thesargento

    Where to start… MMO to single player

    Yes! Taking an existing MMO (which I do not own the rights to) and turn it into a game customized for me, no profit or anything like that.
  5. Hi there. I’m a veteran video gamer but an MMORPG fan since a few years back. Most recently I was hooked on Guild Wars 2, Marvel Heroes Omega and Naruto Online. But it turns out that GW2 came up with completely unnecessary mounts so I stopped playing. MHO was shut down without any solid explanation so I’m left with Naruto even though is not a real MMORPG. The monetization of these kinds of games –pay-to-win systems, loot-boxes, and general micro-transactions- have had influenced me in the past to even mount premade Private Servers of games like Aion and Jade Dynasty. But nowadays these tendencies are on the rise so I really want a gaming experience free from it completely. I miss games more focused on player skills but I also like the MMO character growing style. Whit that in mind, I remember Guild Wars, the original, to be a really good gaming experience. So my question is: Where to start to turn an MMORPG into a single player game? -I’m not interested in any commercialization or nothing like sort. -I’ve been able to mount premade private servers. -I’ve modded quite a few games via tutorials and just experimenting. Have some knowledge of HTML, PHP, XML, Javascript and LUA. Thnx in advance, I appreciate any help/guidance
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