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  1. Kieron Wiltshire

    Open/Infinite worlds in CryEngine

    Thanks man, but I'd prefer to stick with lumberyard or cryengine. Do you know where I can find any tutorials or documentation explaining how to do things like level streaming etc?
  2. Kieron Wiltshire

    Open/Infinite worlds in CryEngine

    Understood, thanks for the reply. So how would one go about creating a large open world that's seamless in cry engine? Or would it be best to create an in-house solution?
  3. Kieron Wiltshire

    Open/Infinite worlds in CryEngine

    Background I'm new to game development as a whole but I've been programming for almost 7 years now, it's my daily job. I work mainly in web development creating data aggregation and analytic tools. I currently work for a company called Concept Gaming, we design and develop online casino based games like roulette, slots and blackjack etc.. I'd like to move more away from my field and experiment with game engines like CryEngine in order to create AAA games. Now I'm not an naive, I understand that these types of games requires heaps of time and effort and usually a dedicated team. So my goal is not to create a game as of yet. That being said I've decided to learn CryEngine rather than Unity or Unreal. Most will probably mention that Unity has a much more community friendly environment in terms of helping beginners out and I will agree, however I've chosen CryEngine by preference. I found that after downloading all 3, CryEngine seemed to be the one to appeal to me the most. Question So I want to know how you'd go about creating an open/infinite world in CryEngine. I know it's practically impossible to just straight up create a universe due to memory constraints and processing power etc.. but if you take a look at games like Star Citizen who also use CryEngine, they've managed to actually achieve some way of simulating a seamless universe. Now I do know that they work closely with the CryTek team and they're solution is mostl likely proprietary, but could someone please explain how I'd go about achieving this in CryEngine? much appreciated, ~ Kieron
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