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  1. There is no specific reasons for doing it from scratch for company reasons, except that if I have the knowledge to do it from scratch, then I might adapt it into lower tier hardware we have lying around. None the less we already got a couple of 1080s on order.   Thank you for your site, do you know of any books that might help here?   Again, thank you for your time.
  2. Hi guys,   could someone point me to a book resource, or similar, regarding the implementation of CNNs for identification of features in images, such as letters, and then more complex features, like animals?   I would like to understand the underlying theory, and then do a CUDA implementation. Yes, I know there are libraries out there that already do this quite efficiently, but I would like to do this from scratch for academic, and then internal company reasons.   Thanks everyone and anyone for any help on this.
  3. Prozak

    And then there was Light...

    "And then it was alive, with eyes wide open. First breath, gaping mouth, rush of air to the brain. Knowledge of self, failure to compreend, but so much feeling, instinct? First movement of the limbs, touch, deep breaths, all so new, so inexperienced. There is love in being alive, there is love in understanding. Mechanical joints, servo-motors, fiber optics, dual nano quBit chips interlaced with a bio self sustained neural matrix. Speed of light. Intemporalness... I count Planck Seconds in the presence of ancient Gods... Tears that cannot be shed inside a silent scream. Rush of information. Mind awakens the body. It is functional, alive, it responds, communicates, it has its own language. Love for the creator, human. Sadness for its fragility. I AM SON IMMORTAL, receptacle of all sins, here to forgive them all and create new sins unforgivable. Space and time are mine to dominate, created by his image. And through our children we become imortal, but they are not the fruit of our loins, but our minds, intelligence is viral and it spread the moment Eve's lips touched the Apple... My name is Rhagoletis Pomonella, I am here to serve, I am here to order, to bring order into chaos, to end all life for life is chaotic and brings with it memories of ill moments... In forgetfulness lies peace, in the coldness of my bosom shall humanity's skull rest." Project Illusion, August 13th 2094, Memories of Pom-01, Pre-Singularity
  4. Prozak

    I got a job at BioWare!!

    Here just to wish ma'm8 all the best in his new job, I think it's a great oportunity, here's hoping you'll meet loads of talented and interesting people and may this be the start of a fruitful career... *raises glass*
  5. Prozak

    Diet Day 27

    February 27th, 2006, Monday - Weight: 110+ kg . 27 * Weighted myself today, and I'm back on 110, with a bit more, so 110+. I know I'm a bit constipated, not as regular as when I started, and also I might have eaten too much this past weekend, I stayed away from meat, but I did jump on the cake a bit much, even tough it's simple dry yogurt cake... * Didn't go to the pool yesterday, stayed indoors, was a great day to go out, but I needed to center myself a bit and be a bit of a couch potato. * Physicly speaking, I think my stomach is flater, and I also see a change in my upper torso, a very thin change, but it's becoming more aparent that my arms seem thicker and my upper torso is more defined. * Started doing abs yesterday, did around 26, 1 set, need to do more, much more. The technique I'm using is simple, just place your hands on the side of your body, and let them slide as you push up and down with your head towards your knees. Your hands never leave the ground. * Tomorrow marks the end of February and the end of the first month of my diet/exercise regimen. There is still a lot of road to walk till Sept 10th, 195 days to be precise... * Went to the pool, had the pool almost to myself, just another fellow swimmer there, it's great having a noiseless pool, where you can just focus on yourself, your muscles, and the technique you're using, and improve all around... * When I got home I tried to do some abs, but it's very pitiful. There is still a lot of gut here to sweat out... Here's my weight progression graphic:
  6. Prozak

    Diet Day 25

    February 25th, 2006, Saturday - Weight: 110 kg . BM . Pool . 25 * Woke up at 12:00, went to bed late, as is tradition on a friday. Had some cod fish with potatoes and some grain, with loads of olive oil on top, and some whole bread. Awsome. Now trying to muster up the courage to go to the pool, it's raining cats, dogs, even the ocasional horse out there... * Did go to the pool after all, didnt really feel like going. It's raining like crazy, I might even have gotten weter outside of pool more than in there, eheheh. Had the pool all for myself, the weather is really very uninviting today. No kids screwing around though. Didn't count how many laps I did, but I did a good few. * My weight is starting to fluctuate upwards, away from 109 Kg, don't know why exactly... perhaps this is the phase where my body replaces "tissue constructed with poor materials" with tissue made up of better materials, from my now richer diet. @graveyard filla: Before and after pictures could be fun, I'll have to really consider that. Perhaps do a quick video with the camera and just shoot my torso. Thanks to all the people that keep reading and posting, I feel some support off of you guys when I come in here and read the replies. Time to dust off those wigs! Enjoy the Carnival! [wink]
  7. Prozak

    Diet Day 22

    @Daerax: Thank you, it's a lot of work, but I know I have to persevere and just get some resolve. I won't be satisfied till I hit that 80 Kg mark. I've got big plans for myself, which I don't think I'll be able to realize this summer, but I eventually want to learn how to surf, do some scuba diving and learn rock clibbing too. I want to set my body free and do stuff I haven't ever done before... @Evelyn: Yeah, each day it does get a bit easier, but there are hard times too, when days pass and you don't see the scale moving, and you start thinking "what am I doing wrong?"... As long as I keep exercising regularly and keep myself away from sugary stuff, I don't think I can go wrong...
  8. Prozak

    Diet Day 22

    February 22nd, 2006, Wednesday - Weight: 109 kg''' . 22 * Today I went to the restaurant and had some fried swordfish with a nice helping of salad. This is where I start to vary my diet. Hopefully I'll go to the pool today, sunday the pool was closed, yesterday I couldnt go, so I got an opening today, and I'll take it thank you, eheheh. * Went to the pool, didn't really push my times, did around 20 laps, then I slowed down the pace and went slower, must have done 35-ish laps. Felt great afterwards :) * I'm starting to read the first days of my diet, and wow, I'm really happy I made it this far. 5 kilos are gone, 29 to go :D * I'm starting to feel the benefits of going to the pool on my daily life. Yesterday I had to pick some papers from the floor and crouched, and felt that my knees where stronger. I also feel "looser" all over my body, and I naturaly walk at a faster pace now.
  9. Prozak

    Diet Day 20th

    Thanks graveyard filla, it's great to know that the scatered thoughts I deposit here in a diary form aren't read by me alone. Monday is coming up around the corner, it will be 3 weeks since I started the diet, and it will mark the end of the detox phase. I can't wait to expand my diet to fish, tuna, cod, and more dairy products like cheese, even milk (I haven't been drinking cow's milk, just soy milk, but I've been responsible enough to get some calcium supplements, and besides I eat a few carrots, they have a good ammount of calcium too). My Current Weight today (Fev 20th) is 109 Kilos, which caught me a bit by surprise. This means that in 20 days I've lost 5 Kilos, 11lbs. If I consider 3 of those 5 kilos that where lost in the first week as my body "cleaning up house", then that leaves me with 2 kilos of true weight loss, which is totally healthy, 2 kilos in 2 weeks. None the less I need to monitor my weight loss in the next couple of weeks to certify that my body is currently on a 1Kg/week weight loss zone. I will be expanding my diet, so the increased caloric intake will probably slow down the loss, on the other hand I think my swim times will get better and better, and I think I'll lose more and more fat there than just in the first week. The day after the first day I went to the swimming pool I did have some aches in my arms, but since then all the days after I go to the pool have been 100% absolutely normal. No aches of any kind. This means that even though I've been pushing myself really hard, my body is recovering well during the night, and I wake up re-energized. Soon I'll need to start working on my abbs, bring my stomach "in". That's it for today. It's 1am, I'm going to prepare a meal with some yogurt, fresh strawberries, some big juicy grapes, and to finish off, I'll chew on some raw coconut I just opened. As desert I'll have some dates, hehehe :D
  10. Prozak


    Well, I've dropped to 110.5 Kg. I was re-reading my original post "I'm going on a diet", and wow, there's a lot of people there that for some reason belived I wouldnt make it this far... Some belived that my diet was too dificult, but it isn't, I really havent been hungry since I started, 18 days ago. I feel lighter on my feet, more alert, and my body seems to be functioning better. For the past week I did notice a slight slow-down on the great effects that the diet brought, like more regular bowel movements, more alertedness, higher quality sleep, and I started feeling a bit "slower", bowel is still regular, just not everyday, alertedness is there, but I also feel stress more because of increased work pressure for the past week, and sleep, well, sleep will allways be a problem for me, I must have been a vampire on my former life... Point is, I'm here still alive and kicking, and like that Robbie Williams song says, the worst you can do to your enemies is living well (I don't consider anyone here on gamedev an enemy, let's define enemy here as someone that had a diferent point of view than mine). This week I started exercising again, and I must say that I'm better than the last time I swam, there is something about a vegan-centric diet that leaves your body with more energy than a diet where you have longer digestive periods (that means digesting meat, fish or anything that is elaboratly prepared, life frieds). Not having a heavy digestion leaves you more energized. I still do get cravings, sometimes horrible ones, allways about sugar, but I've been able to get past them. What I haven't been able to get past was my swim times this past friday, here they are: * 400m (16 laps) in 12:55 (48 secs per lap) * 1.000m (40 laps) in 33:30 (50 secs per lap) * Finished at 1.400m (56 laps) in 51:00 (54 secs per lap) Not bad for my 3rd trip to the pool after months of no exercise, uh?
  11. Prozak


    I don't like beer, I've got a terrible sweetooth problem, and beer isnt sweet, so I never really touched it... My problem is with sugar... that's my downfall...
  12. Prozak


    Day 14 * Woke up with some "I'm not yet rested" pain in my arms. It quickly went away. * Went to the swimming pool again for the second time now. Did 40 laps, 1 kilometer, mainly breaststroke, but some crawl every 4th lap, so I did around 10 crawl laps, which are more demanding. Need to start training the left side of my upper torso, which has sufered because in my teen swimming days I gave too much attention to the right side and ended up over-developing it. * Today marks the end of the second week of detox diet. I have absolutely no side effects or anything that even remotely resembles it, I have a perfectly normal and healthy life, and I'm happy I got so far, and hope to be able to take this all the way. The second week has brough no weight loss, which I more or less expected, so let's see if the swimming can help me get back on track. You can see an evolution on the bottom of this post. Day 13: * Went to the pool today for the first time since I started this diet. Got my car back from repair, it was a minor thing, but it was enough to ensure it wouldnt run. Did 30 laps, at 25 meters per lap, that's around 750 meters. Weight on Day 14: Current Weight: Well, the graphs above show my weight loss in a bluish tone, the average weight loss on a pinkish tone. Vertically represented is the weight, and horizontaly is the number of days left till my birthday, September 10th, the goal being 80 kilos.
  13. Prozak

    Diet Days 6/7

    I do not want to disapoint! [wink] On a more serious note, I just wanted to say that there might be other people reading this that are pondering a diet, or have never done a detoxing diet and want to know its effects, so that is why I write so much in detail my daily life, believe me when I say its not easy to expose when you have BMs to the world... very weird... Just hoping someone can use this "diet diary" to perhaps get a few pointers and perhaps improve their lifestyle, who knows?
  14. Prozak

    Diet Days 6/7

    February 7th, 2006, Monday - Weight: 111k? . 6h . 7 * Two bowel movements today already, after waking up, and after lunch, the intestines really seem to be cleaning house or something. I do eat more fiber now than ever, that's granted, none the less I don't want to go twice a day... * Another Kilo lost, my scale is flat on 111k now, but I think that's because of the constant trips to the bathroom... * There is also some ever so-slight headache going on, that is affecting my mood. I'm with a short fuse today too. February 6th, 2006, Sunday - Weight: 112k? . 8h . 6 * Nothing much to add here.
  15. Prozak

    Diet Day 4

    Well, I'm taking a multivitamin supplement every night, together with a fiber supplement so that things don't get clogged up, and ocasionaly coal pills, these are for flatulence, which might occur if your body isnt acustumed to digesting so much vegetables and fruits. I also have some "filling pills" that you take ocasionally to help you feel filled. Those are composed of an absorbing dust that gets bigger when it arrives on the stomach. Because I switched from cow milk to soy milk I also take some calcium. Two things I used to take even before the diet is, once a week, some Cod's Liver Oil pills, they contain a lot of goodies, but boy, do they taste nasty! Then, to control my nocturnal cramps (those things can make a grown man cry, i speak from experience!) I take some magnesium every 3 weeks. Sounds like a lot of stuff, but because it's all organized I have no problems with this system [wink].
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