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  1. +++++++UPDATE++++++++ We're looking for a rigger! Are you a rigger? Is your mother a rigger? We need some friggin' riggin' done. #letsrig
  2. We're still in the pre-alpha phase, but we hope to have a working multiplayer alpha version up on steam this year.
  3. Yes, there are similarities, for sure! L4D and Rainbow Six Siege have been two of the greatest references points for us. In Cold Comfort, you can play as either a Survivor, or a Gamma Prime (genetically mutated zombie). Each class is unique in their abilities (not dissimilar to R6). An added feature of Cold Comfort is the Survivor's ability to control Survivor AI, and on the flip side, some of the Gamma Primes can control the Zombie AI. We are planning our Kickstarter within the first half of the year
  4. Hello @White_crow thanks for your questions! We are planning on an initial release for PC, however depending on how well our Kickstarter goes (which we have planned within the next few months) we are hoping to make Cold Comfort available on console as well. As we are still in the pre-alpha phase, we are keeping our options open in regards to distribution.
  5. TL;DR: zombie shooter game, looking for UE4 Coder and writer Cold Comfort is an asymmetrical Multiplayer Zombie Tactical Shooter (MZTS?!) with a focus on co-op and environmental destruction. (Currently under development) I started this project two years ago on my own, and in the last 6 months I've been getting more people involved in the project. Presently there are 20 of us! As most of the team is spread out across the globe, we do the majority of our collaboration online on Discord. This is a deferred payment project. We use HackNPlan to organize the project and to log hours, which will be paid out once the game has been released. We are planning on doing a Kickstarter the first half of this year and hopefully release the game in 2019.. We are in need of: - a UE4 Coder - an author ( for the audio script, and lore) . VFX Artist More info on the project can be found on our website and on our community discord channel. Interested? PM me for details!
  6. JezzaPrime

    Cold Comfort

    Cold Comfort is a 5v5 PvP Zombie Tactical Shooter. There are two teams, Survivors and Gamma Prime as playable characters with unique skills. One faction usually acts as attacking force while the other one tries to defend itself by placing traps, barricading entrances and much more. The more players work together on accomplishing a certain task, the faster and/or stronger the end result (barricade/trap) will be. The same goes for tearing these things down: Work together and you’ll get it done much, much easier. As in incentive for players to play as a zombie there are a number of perks that come with that, being able to control a horde of AI-zombies only being one of them. The matches will take about 15-20 minutes to play out on a variety of unique scenarios, each with its own challenges and flavor.
  7. JezzaPrime

    Cold Comfort

    Album for Cold Comfort
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