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  1. I need to implement a verification if the user is already logged in. At the moment my game doesn't verify this, so an account can log-in several times and I want to avoid this. This is how I'm doing log-in authentication on game server: void Session::authLogin(uint32_t id, std::string username, std::string token) { // Return a valid alive connection, if doesn't exist, return nullptr auto dbcon = DatabaseManager::getFreeConnection(); // Wait for a free connection if(!dbcon || dbcon->is_locked()) { dbWait->expires_from_now( boost::posix_time::microseconds( DatabaseManager::DB_WAIT_TIME)); dbWait->async_wait(boost::bind( &awaitAuthLogin, boost::asio::placeholders::error, weak_from_this(), id, username, token)); return; } // Lock connection DatabaseManager::Locker lock(dbcon); // Get Account Data auto pstmt = dbcon->prepare_statement( "SELECT `username`,`storage_gold`,`coins`,`ctl_code`,`vip_level`," "unix_timestamp(`vip_expire_date`) FROM `account_data` WHERE `id`=? AND `username`=?"); pstmt->push_uint(id); pstmt->push_string(username); uint32_t storage_gold = 0; uint32_t coins = 0; int32_t ctl_code = 0; uint32_t vip_level = 0; uint32_t vip_expire_date = 0; auto result = pstmt->execute_query(); if(result->next()) { //Check token pstmt = dbcon->prepare_statement( "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `token` WHERE `account_id`=? AND `token`=?"); pstmt->push_uint(id); pstmt->push_string(token); auto token_result = pstmt->execute_query(); if(!token_result->next()) { // Invalid Token sendMessage(strdef::INVALID_TOKEN); closeSession(); return; } storage_gold = result.get_int("storage_gold"), coins = result.get_int("coins"), ctl_code = result.get_int("ctl_code"), vip_level = result.get_int("vip_level"); vip_expire_date = result.get_uint("unix_timestamp(`vip_expire_date`)"); } else { // Invalid Login sendMessage(strdef::INVALID_USERNAME); closeSession(); return; } // TODO: Check if account is logged in // *** I was thinking of doing an INSERT and // if I get an ER_DUP_ENTRY error it's because the account is logged in. try { // Insert account_stat pstmt = dbcon->prepare_statement( "INSERT INTO `account_stat` (`account_id`,`server_id`,`endpoint`,`mac`) VALUES(?,?,?,?)"); pstmt->push_uint(id); pstmt->push_uint(getServerId()); pstmt->push_string(getEndpoint()); pstmt->push_string(getMacAddress()); pstmt->execute(); } catch(const mysql::exception& e) { // Already logged in if(e.error_code() == ER_DUP_ENTRY){ sendMessage(strdef::ALREADY_LOGGED_IN); closeSession(); return; } } // *** authLoginTimeout->cancel(); // Make AccountInfo accountInfo = std::make_unique<AccountInfo>(id, username, token, storage_gold, coins, ctl_code, vip_level; vip_expire_date); // Load account storage loadStorage(id); // Send character list sendToCharacterLobby(id); } Can I have a problem doing this? Is there another way? I need it to be safe for multiple gameservers/dataservers. If you have any tips to optimize it I accept :-) Thanks in advance for helping me with this.
  2. aikaproject

    about mmo persistent player data

    @ApochPiQ @Redskyforge thanks for reply. Sorry, but I ended up expressing wrong about the problem. I noticed that my problem is when inserting or deleting data (INSERT, DELETE). The blocking is +/- 300ms and I think it's too much for an asynchronous server. At the moment, I'm doing what apoch said and implementing a 'data server', separating the database from the game server.
  3. I'm developing an emulator for an MMO and I have a question: Load or not all account data(storage items, all character info, etc) when user log-in? at the moment what I'm doing is loading only the required information: on request login: load account data (storage items, gold, etc) on send character list: load basic character info (equip items(only item/app id/refine), and infos that's displayed on the character screen). on send to world: load all character info (inventory items, mail, friend list, equip items, skills etc). the problem is that I think I'm running many queries to the database. ex: on delete character: check character PIN, on error, update pin error count. on create character: insert character info, basic items on db, send character list on back to charlist: save all data of current online character, send character list I'm using an asynchronous connection model for the clients. with many queries being executed at the same time the server will block. would someone have a better way to do this? Obs: I'm using boost::asio for the connection and mysql for the database.
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