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  1. ModumRocks

    Best way to create a nice looking card game?

    Thanks man. Exactly what I was looking for. Hope it can be customized enough though, but I'll give it a try for sure.
  2. ModumRocks

    Best way to create a nice looking card game?

    I've read about trying to convince the big companies, and apparently it's more or less impossible to even get them to listen to you, since there's a ton of 12-16 year olds constantly mailing them half ideas and/or slight modifications of already existing (and patented) games, which they can't really see any point in. So I assume they just delete my mail without even reading it. They don't have time for my "stupid" idea, cause 99.9% of the mails they get are stupid. So I don't really blame them.. But yeah, I could try, but then again, already there it would start costing me money, since a patent here in Denmark is pretty expensive, and I'm not gonna mail them one word about it before I got myself covered. A patent here costs around 3k dollars, and if there's only a 0.01% chance of them reading my mail because they're constantly bombarded with stupid nonsense from kids, then naah.. Waste of money.
  3. ModumRocks

    Best way to create a nice looking card game?

    Well, my idea wasn't really to sell it, but more to play it with friends. But if I were to spend a year developing it or paying huge sums of money for someone to develop it, then of course I'd see if I couldn't sell it to at least bring my own cost down. I don't want people to steal the game idea. I'd be mad if I published the rules on some forum, and some guy or a big company stole the idea and made it into a sweet online game and made a fortune. It's got all the things needed for success. I know that most people say that, but if I showed you, you would probably understand. It's simple and very psychological, plus there's a facet of luck involved, and it can be played with or without stakes - and it's not a bad rip-off of any existing game. If I ever were to talk about the idea with anyone, I'd first patent it or do some form of NDA. Cause I've heard too many horror stories about people getting screwed over. I actually just want to have my own .exe version of it that connects to a server, and then I can share the game with my friends and play it online, but if there's an opportunity to make a fortune, then I want to be sure that I'm not missing out of it because I didn't protect my intellectual property. Thing is, I'm not really interested in programming, I'd just like to have my game in an online version. I think programming is rather boring to be honest. So I could never force myself to be interested in it for at least a year, no matter what - and that's why I hoped that there were some form of card game developing platform making it somewhat easy to make your own card games. After all, the card game industry is pretty huge, so I find it odd that there aren't any platforms just in the vicinity of that.
  4. ModumRocks

    Best way to create a nice looking card game?

    Thanks for your reply. Think I'll just give up here then. Don't have that much money. Sounds like 60k dollars is if you want a pro looking game with zero flaws, which I want, if anything. And I'm not interested enough in programming to study it for at least a year to make that card game. Probably impossible to make money from selling it anyway, no matter how good it is. So guess that the world just missed out on a really nice card game. That sucks.
  5. Hey. I have made the most awesome 2 player card game (using normal, 52 "poker" cards), and got all the rules written down in a simple document. The whole thing works perfectly smooth in IRL. However, it would be really nice if it was possible to create a digital online 2 player version of it, but it seems more complicated than I initially thought it would be, which is of course a bit demoralizing.. So.. What's the best way for a noob to get started? I've tried googling "how to make a card game", "how to program a card game", and dozens of other things, and I've tried watching youtube vids etc. but mostly what comes up is weird role playing card games or whatever they're called, or then simply websites that let you create your own physical playing cards, and I'm not interested in any of that. I've also tried GameMaker Studio, but I gotta say that it's very unintuitive for a beginner. All the tutorials I can find are about shooting games etc. and that's very different from a card game. I don't understand the whole "play" thing with frames.. It's not like I'm making a movie, and the frames are more a matter of the player's actions, since it's a card game. Unity is even worse, same with GDevelop and Construct2. I've been searching and searching and reading and reading for the past 2 days, and it's only lead to even more confusion.. Can it really be that there doesn't exist a specific card game designer program, where you can somehow type in your rules, provided they aren't too complicated (which the rules in my game aren't), and then choose background and import images of 52 playing cards and then render the whole thing.. I mean, can it really be so difficult to create a simple card game? Seems like I would have to study programming languages for like 5 years in order to just make a simple card game with around 15 rules or so. (haven't exactly counted them, but it's rather simple). And if so, then how much would it cost to hire a good programmer to get it done, you think?
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