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  1. Jomissle

    Any idea on this boss mechanism?

    Thanks for sharing ur idea. I think it will be more interesting if player can have different strategy to fight the Boss. Like u said,Fight the Boss directly or use other strategy(like traps,roadblock or other stuff). But if based on the subject I mentioned,it is difficult for me to understand how the mechnics u mentioned works.Because there are some preconditions. 1. Based on 2.5D ARPG 2. key concept: fog->limited view->the players don't know where the Boss is and the surrouding environment So if the view is limited,how the traps or roadblocks will work?(Of course,if the Boss is chasing me,then I can set some traps to stop it,it will works,but with or without the fog,it will works both fine,so I think it is less interesting) Another question is,I think if we add some elements with the core mechnics,to make the game fun,it is cool.But if the additional elements are not related to the core mechnics,maybe it will work fine,but it will not be so special. For example,the "Battle royale gameplay" is really popular recently,if LOL or WOW put a this gameplay method into their game,it will works,but it's not related to the core mechnics,so we can't get that kind of excitement when we play the PUBG. -- I think maybe we can share some ideas about core gameplay or Boss design with some specific examples,it is really interesting and inspiring. @v790 @Dramolion @BlackMagicWolf @Jordan Hoffman @LorenzoGatti
  2. Jomissle

    Any idea on this boss mechanism?

    yep,this will work. It has some challenge on the player's reaction on the skill and the strategy to find the Boss. Just personal perspective,I feel it is not enough,maybe some other elements to make the tempo change more.The core part is still how to find the boss,based on the direction of skills is a choice,the "hide and seek" is basically guessing(If multiple players then there is a strategy,players should split up to find the Boss. I'm trying to think is there a method that has more strategy to find the Boss,and not just one optimal solution.
  3. Jomissle

    Any idea on this boss mechanism?

    Thanks for ur sharing,it helps a lot. I am trying to create some elements that will make the finding part more difficult and interesting. yeah,it definitely need to be tested. I wonder whether the player will understand the fog mechanism naturally.
  4. Jomissle

    Any idea on this boss mechanism?

    Actually, I think the fog mechanism is more like a interval feature, it will not go through the whole battle. Maybe like when the Boss’s is 70% & 40%,then there goes the fog. So it will not be a complete guessing game,more like a classical APRG with some different gameplay experience.
  5. Jomissle

    Any idea on this boss mechanism?

    Hi there,thanks for ur suggestion. I agree with ur viewpoint of the first idea. I think I go to the wrong region of change for change,which ingore the player's strategy. (The initial idea is that it is really cool that Boss have different skill mechanism in the fog,:P) I really like ur idea of hiding,in fact,I also thought about that,but I have a doubt about the situation when the players are trying to find the boss,will this process be too boring? (In my mind, players will rush around,try to find the Boss as fast as possible). How do u think about this? Besides that, you have the possibility to find the enemy while it is regaining health and possibly deal lots of damage (high difficulty, high reward if you find it). I'm a little bit confused about the high difficulty part, do u mean the finding Boss part?
  6. Hi guys I'm trying to design a Boss which has a special mechanism based on a 2.5D ARPG. In some cases,it can generate a lot of fog,then the players only have a limited view. This situation has a feature: Players don't know where the Boss is and the surrouding situation,I want to make sth interesting based on this. on this occasion,I have several ideas: 1. Boss have different ability in the fog,like being much more powerful,it is hard for players to avoid the skills. 2. Players can destroy or build sth to clear away the fog,then it is easier to fight the Boss. I wonder is there any other things Boss can do based on the limited view of players?The ideas above are not special enough I think. Do u guys have any suggestion?
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