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  1. Apollo Cabrera

    Robot RAGE!!!

    This was a lot of fun to implement. Permanence :)
  2. Apollo Cabrera

    Kewlness! Permanence Baby!

    Little bit of blender and unity magic :)
  3. Apollo Cabrera

    Boss Death! - Bleeping Bots

    Mission 00 Boss death! He seems a little too happy
  4. Apollo Cabrera

    Bleeping Bots - Bot Rework :)

    Reworking graphics a bit. Need to add bones and some idle and fire animation.
  5. Apollo Cabrera

    Critique for newbie game - "Bleeping Bots"

    Tyree, thank you for your input and viewpoint on this. I am definitely in a different place. I won't be able to implement a non-physics / animation at this time. Just trying to make small incremental steps to get the most out of my time and effort Going from Swift to Unity3d was a major change in paradigm for me and it took a year to make the transition and feel competent. I'll have to try your philosophy on a different game. But I definitely appreciate your input. Thanks!
  6. Apollo Cabrera

    Critique for newbie game - "Bleeping Bots"

    Thanks for the viewpoint. Specifically, how would you synchronize the walking / idle / running / jumping animation so that it looks smooth with the location of the avatar. I use physics and blending. How would you do it? Translation? A combination of physics and translation? I've done non-physics controllers as well... https://answers.unity.com/questions/282687/which-is-better-for-player-movement-physics-or-tra.html Thanks
  7. Apollo Cabrera

    Critique for newbie game - "Bleeping Bots"

    Thanks Tyree. I use Blender to do the animations for walking, running, jumping, etc... I have a cylinder mesh that has a rigid body that the avatar is attached to in unity3d. I apply forces on the xy axis to give velocity to the avatar and robots. I blend animations between walk, run, idle depending on the velocity of the avatar. But I definitely plan on revisiting the animations and the blending as well. Not as smooth nor "realistic" as I would like
  8. Apollo Cabrera

    Critique for newbie game - "Bleeping Bots"

    Thanks for the moon walking feedback. Need to figure out how to do more than simple force and cylinder rigid body physics to move the avatar around. IK? Probably some google search out there I can definitely add an option to continuously track the avatar with the camera. I had done this, but it always gave me motion sickness. Thank you for the background comments as well. Going beyond shades of gray doesn't always feel natural. Though black and white and gray would be an interesting level Will keep your suggestions on top of the list. Thanks for your feedback
  9. Apollo Cabrera

    Critique for newbie game - "Bleeping Bots"

    Awesome. What do you think would be the most impactful graphics improvement? I'd love to hear what gameplay tweaks you would do as well. I'm in the middle of trying to prioritize the numerous improvements I could do next that players would find very cool and engaging and rewarding. More levels? More enemies? More weapons? More effects? More avatars? More active environment elements? Thanks
  10. Apollo Cabrera

    Critique for newbie game - "Bleeping Bots"

    Thanks I will take any constructive criticism. What do you think would make the game better?
  11. Energy particles being harnessed by collection multi-hedron energy matrix. Whuuuttt? Love it :)
  12. Check out a couple of things I leaned from Reinvent 2017! AWS Cognito Short Version (pop up words) Long Version in a sexy voice
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