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    Need guidance for first game

    I have a lot of time in my hands and I really want to make something special out of it I don't have a lot of experience in game developing, I did some maps for Americas Army : Proving Grounds and that's all. So the idea is to make a story driven 2D game, the gameplay would be something like Undertale or FNAF's minigames, I can't seem to find the suiting game engine for me, Unreal engine really seems appealing but so does Game Maker Studio 2. My main issue is not knowing how to program and I will definitely learn that however I can't just sit down and learn from websites or youtube tutorials, I have a different approach when learning new skills, more project oriented, and a lot of finding out myself otherwise I won't understand it all and won't learn a thing. Blueprints really are appealing, I can find a thing here and there on youtube and documentation but is this the right or approach? Or should I force myself to learn it the hardway (coding)? For the game art, I am a pretty neat drawer but that's about it, I would like to know how most of you do your game assets, do you do it by yourself or is it outsourced? or even both? I really just need someone to guide me a little bit, I have the story all played out in my head and some of it even written down, I really just need to dive in but I want to avoid feeling drowned... I want to apologize if this doesn't fit the forum and would be more than pleased if moved to the right one. Thank you
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