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  1. Yes simply type silverpath online on google playstore and you are in. (:
  2. Yesterday, beta version has started and very first music, sounds added finally, some mechanichs have changed, test it out and feedback, I will be waiting for it. Currently game does not contain anything regarding purchasing.
  3. Currently on alpha test, silverpath online has active event currently that spawns bosses on event room. You can join free and feedback bugs, glitches or whatever problem you have encountered. Currently friends and community system is on progress you feedbacks are important to me, also alpha users will get prizes on beta regarding their alpha-end rankings.
  4. Mobs are currently open for testing, mechanics are based on "aggro" stat which is stored on database everytime you hit to any monster or whenever monsters decide to call aggro for you from client, if there is a need of any monster action call. Since i haven't been able to test all of this by myself, i need players to feedback to me. to join alpha test use link here : or search "Silverpath Online" on google playstore.
  5. You can join to the alpha test and feedback "Silverpath Online" on googleplaystore or use link here : Currently, players can kill eachother on overworld. Monsters will hopely be on next update.
  6. You can join free alpha test of my MMORPG on google playstore here :
  7. In this MMORPG, real timed pk literally has no limitations. Player can toggle "Criminal Mode" and can hit many players once, or vice-versa. Currently, "Peaceful Mode" keeps player safe from other "Peaceful" players, but they can get attackted by "Criminal" players or they can attack them. "Duel Mode" only enables peaceful players to duel each other, "Criminal" players can not offer duel. MOBs are not in the game yet so, Alpha free-to-PK test will be relased very soon on google playstore. a screenshot of gameplay from an android device :
  8. Mert Oguz

    Class Overview

    Currently there are three classes on progress. There are also two races on progress, "human" and "gurian". But race has no effect on class stats, they have their own passive effects.
  9. Currently, every hour, there is a circle of day and night that may effect players or monsters in terms of status. Wait till pvp update for that.
  10. Mert Oguz

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone!
  11. Mert Oguz


    I have reduced those calls from the game to 3-5 times per second, i have made my all web requests on a single queue that whatever you do, its send when queue clock in up to ready for that job. ( that means, in worst case, player can send 5 requests max in a second ) I have tried to login the game from 4 diffrent devices and it was fine but lil laggy. ( even lags when playing solo though lol ) I am sure that i need to manage those stuff definetly not with a web hosting service. Also I asked to my web host tech service that" Just after i bought the service, there was no issue with connections( no lag) i am building an application that is used from mobile android devices so if this service does not fit what should i do?" And they replied back like, "you cant use it from applications its not supported, try cloud servers" If somebody knows what does that mean? What i am saying is I can currently play the game actually with 4 players, and even right after I transfered my game to their host, connection was almost perfect. Do they put a connection barrier ? So if i get a non-shared web hosting, will i be able to handle the game actually? I would really like to change the way my system works though, i have worked on a firm that makes trading web sites with using c# but for mmo, i looked up on web and i thought it could be light and fast to choose php mysql. I am totally noob on this stuff. And to prevent "cheat engine-like" hacking i have made restrictions on requests so players wont be sending their data from client to update directly, there are some extra queries in php files to first find player with account id then compare some stuff. Maybe that also could be the reason of slow responds. Currently the happening thing after player enters to the map is, 1) loads everyone in the same instance, with their main and basic data "once". 32+32 strings for each player ( will compress that soon ) 2) every 0.3 seconds, updates your basic data along with loading others basic data. 3) after each '4 basic updates', runs a check instance to look for dates(32 string each player) wheter someone entered or left or disconnected.
  12. Mert Oguz


    well the way you take it really impressed me, I was thinking of compressing the data latetly but I didnt think of using characters for numbers, , I may, mess it up a lil bit while working on this since there are some high/negative numbers but still when in numbers it doesnt excess 32 char limit in the end its fine. um so... 10 $ -year host to handle mmo challenge accepted ? lol not really since i am even getting lazy start connections on mainmenu. just a "better but not best" web host can handle this i believe? thanks so much for replying me and pointing an essential issue, I will do my best with data compressing.
  13. Mert Oguz


    I generally dislike unity servies, assets, libraries and components. I mostly force myself to build my own path. Aren't you in control of this? I am in control of limit of it, requests sent over time from request queue, not when needed. Im fine with it but minimum request for a second is theorically 8, if connection is perfect, players sends it's 32-character length basic data for 4 times and gets character list of basic datas 4 times.
  14. Mert Oguz


    well, i have started developing games last year, alone , I made a singleplayer 3d openworld rpg on unity you can look at it on googleplaystore ( kooru stone rpg ) whatever, this year, i wanted to make mmo, which gone really fine until I first try real hosting, I was working on "wamp" until then. The reason i am desperate now is that the way my game works. On my pc, using wamp mysql , with localhost as host for my game, i was testing my mmorpg with using andorid emulators, ofcourse no lag no issues no restrictions, beautiful dream... But then, I wanted to get real host from web, so, I rent a basic, cheaphest ever web host ( 10$ year ), and transferred my php files along with sql database. So, I launched the game, still no issues, tried to handle 2-3 players by using my pc, phone, friend's phone... After a while, ( after really short time (3-4mins)) host started not to respond, beacause those web hosting were not fit to handle mmos, i predicted that. now what i am explaining is that my game works like this and asking what way should i use to handle it : - Creates web request ( like : ) -Reads request ( request result be like = "ID2-GoodGuyXx-23-123-4-123-43 ) -Builds player using result string -does similar requests REEAALY FREQUENTLY ( total requests of 8 - 12 times per seconds ) With my current ultimate cheap web hosting, i can handle 2 players with low lag ( lol ) but, i want to handle around 20-100 players, just need a clear path, i have been struggling with google cloud sql and other vps server dedicated server options, i dont wanna pay much and get ripped off.
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