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  1. Thanks OrangyTang and BitMaster. You were both right about that JNI calls. I managed to put together a workable solution and you are both right about it being a less than ideal solution. However, the authors of the other application will not budge and I of course do not have access to the source code to make the change myself. For now this will do. Thank you. Mardigin.
  2. In C++ there is a function that is similar, if not identical, to GetWindowID(hwnd). It can be used to get another Windows ID; this includes windows that are children of other applications. Are there any classes that have such a member function in JAVA? Specifically what I want to accomplish is this. There is an application that can conflict with my application but only under cirtain circumstances. I want to be able to identify and control, or avoid, those circumstances. If I can obtain a handle to the window of this application and also its children so that I may obtain their titles, ID's, and demensions then I will be able to avoid the conflict. Any suggestions? Mardigin. [Edited by - Mardigin on June 2, 2005 12:51:04 PM]
  3. Awsome. I am finally out of school to and I thought that I would start a pac-man clone. Before I do though I have a fair bit to learn about OpenGL. My favorite snake game was for intelivision. It was called snafu. Perhaps I will make a clone of that as well. Mardigin.
  4. bgreen, thank you for your reply. I realize that the game engine itself is compatible with linux. What I was really wondering was if the "in book" examples were platform specific, and if so for what platform. I am assuming that there are "in book" examples that are not ripped directly from the game engine itself? However the more I think about it, it probably would not be too much trouble to write my own window managment code for the "in book" examples since they will likely be mostly short snippet code anyway. Well I think I will probably go and get this book. so far I have read very good reviews regarding its content. Mardigin.
  5. How M$ windows centric are the in book examples in 3D Game Engine Architecture? I run purly GNU/linux workstations and before I buy this book I just want to know if I will be skipping through chapters of M$ window managment code. Also anyones opinion of the book in general would be appreciated. Mardigin. [Edited by - Mardigin on May 26, 2005 7:33:17 PM]
  6. Trojan, Thanks for your insight. I am going to pick it up today in that case. Mardigin.
  7. I am currently in University and this summer I am hoping to learn as much as I can about programming with OpenGL. Everywhere I read people are recommending the OpenGL Programming Guide (4th edition) <>, however OpenGL Programming Guide (5th edition) <> is due out in July. I don't want to wait until July to start digging into OpenGL. I have been working through various tutorials on the net, but I am eager to get my hands on the "Guide" because it is so highly regarded. Is the fourth edition that out dated? Would I be fine using the 4th edition and giving the 5th edition a pass? Or is it worth while holding off for the 5th edition. I realize that a lot of people will not see what the big deal is to wait until July, but I only have 4 months off to really enjoy learning OpenGL and then I am back to the rat race at the U. Any advice or insight is appreciated. Mardigin. [Edited by - Mardigin on May 22, 2005 10:45:56 AM]
  8. baldurk, I don't have the red or blue book because I am going to wait for the next edition to come out. I believe that the next edition is due this July. Thank you for the link to the online manpages. That was exactally what I was looking for. Mardigin.
  9. I was wondering if there are any online opengl documentation that is equivalent to javadocs? I have been to and searched google, but everything I read points me towards the red book, blue book etc. I tried man opengl, but there does not appear to be a man page for opengl. Mardigin. [Edited by - Mardigin on May 21, 2005 2:45:24 PM]
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