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  1. RogueOne

    Snake Heroes (mobile & FREE)

    Thank you! Any suggestions are welcome!
  2. Hi everyone, We are a small game development team consists of several programmers and designers. We built the team in order to make something just interesting and amusing. After about 3 months of hard work we uploaded our new title SNAKE HEROES, to Google Play and iOS App Store. It's a classic snake runner with upgradable fighting heroes, traps, monsters and turrets. More detailed info and download links can be found here: Youtube video: Currently we are working on a custom level editor so that the players can make their own levels and share to their friends. This game is absolutely FREE! No in-app purchase embedded. So please download the game and try it. Also please leave us your comments if you find it's interesting, we'll be very excited to hear from you.
  3. RogueOne

    Snake Heroes

    You start with 3 or more heroes, just line them up and start your adventure. You'll meet hostile monsters and turret towers in the field. Neutralize them and collect your rewards and power-ups. Your heroes will attack nearby enemies with their special skills automatically. Save more heroes from the enemies so that they can join you! When you are moving, try to steer your snake wisely, keep it from walls, traps, turrets and monsters, or you will lose one or more units, maybe the whole team. (Animated GIF) Game Features: ★ Simple control: just swipe the screen to change direction. ★ Challenge yourself with three levels of difficulty. It's a bit hard to get yourself 3 stars in each level. ★ Complete multiple well-designed levels to accomplish different goals ★ Collect and organize a wide variety of popular comic heroes, to employ them in your army! ★ Dispatch monsters, hostile turrets to keep yourself safe ★ Resolve puzzles, evade deadly traps and bullets
  4. The answer is simple: Don't start from scratch. Use a good engine. The games nowadays are way more complex than Pongs and Marios 30 years ago. So if you want to make a true game, don't try to rebuild the wheels. Let engine cover those endless tech details, focus on new design and make your time count.
  5. RogueOne

    Unity or UE4?

    If you are a indie game programmer(or small team) like me. I suggest Unity. It's widely used, easy to learn, and its asset store is much more resourceful than UE's. And its supporting forum is superb.
  6. RogueOne

    Snake Heroes

    Album for Snake Heroes
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