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  1. with that last image, it looks like you are staring at the large is your geometry?
  2. Need a heuristic for drop four game

    I think what jost was talking about is detecting a win/lose condition (correct me if i am wrong) which is needed, but to address your 'heuristic' question, you need to run a search on the search space, effictively by getting the A.I. to simulate the next possible moves..A Heuristic is effectively an estimation or guess on the current state of your world, to hopefully lead the A.I. into making the correct move. (e.g. A* heuristic to estimate distance), What i proposed earlier is the Minimax algorithm, which works out really well in situations where the search space gets smaller and eventually may goto 0. (e.g. Tic-Tac-Toe when all squares are filled, Connect4, etc). A quick search on Connect4 and Minimax gave sent me to the following link I wrote a minimax for tic-tac-toe which is a much smaller search space, and easier to implement the minimax search on, give that a shot for a first run, and then upgrade to connect four -Syn
  3. Need a heuristic for drop four game

    I did not know that, where is good information that we can post here, where we can learn more about that.
  4. Need a heuristic for drop four game

    Minimax with alpha beta pruning