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  1. SDK fatigue is very real and today the EnhanceMyApp podcast tackles this epidemic along with the help of Enhance CEO Chris Hughes and CTO Luke Mitchell. If you are stressing out about managing yet another SDK, then give this podcast a listen! Hear about our roots and how SDK fatigue is now a thing of the past! Oh, and don't forget to subscribe! https://goo.gl/J4bwNf
  2. GDPR confused? What is the purpose of GDPR? On this EnhnaceMyApp podcast, sit in on our round table discussion as our panel of experts (Eldad Ben Tora, CEO of KIDOZ; Eric Dawson, Advertising and Game Analysis for Concrete Software; Zachary C. Strebeck, Attorney at Law; Bruce Gustafson, CEO of Developer’s Alliance) break down everything you need to know to get on board with being GDPR compliant! This is one discussion worth checking out! Don’t forget, subscribe today! https://goo.gl/xUfD3r
  3. It's time to raise funds for your next big project, but how? In this episode of the EnhanceMyApp podcast, we chat with Anya Combs (Sr. Games Outreach at Kickstarter) about creating effective crowdfunding campaigns and how to stand out on Kickstarter. Check it out and don't forget to subscribe today! https://goo.gl/f1Qi4R
  4. The world of eSports is blowing up right now! Joined by Devin Becker, eSports commentator and indie game designer we share some insider information on what it takes to score in this emerging market! So check out the EnhanceMyApp podcast now and subscribe today! https://goo.gl/4ebjbr
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