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  1. Hi from Sweden . I am started this theme park game based project ..with a dream and a vision . I want to make a really new level of theme park games. So I sat down in the sofa ..thinking what makes a great theme park game . First of al I want it to be functional, fast to build up your own park and easy to use . I want to create a team park game that are al what a great park is Al about. Spinning flat rides , coasters, stores , shops . And add carnival games, working Arcade games and lot of more. This added in a multi-player / single player game. I understand that this is impossible for my self . I stared up with no experience in coding , game dev . Today I know the basic how to create materials and stuff in unreal engine . The game is written in blueprint in unreal but I am willing to learn both c++ and blueprint . I have I word dok a write this week that describe the project better 🙂
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