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  1. salingerm2003

    Game Story Dilemma

    I'm definitely going to make 2. after 1.
  2. salingerm2003

    Game Story Dilemma

    Thanks a lot! That logic makes a lot of sense! I will try that right now. Thanks a lot for the help. You can't realise how grateful I am! It's now official, nr 1. won! Thanks a lot! I owe you one!
  3. salingerm2003

    Game Story Dilemma

    Hi everyone! So I am in a dilemma. See, I want to make a game with a very intersting story, but I cannot decide which story I want to pursue. I have created two seperate stories, nr. 1 is a comedy, and nr 2. is a horror. 1. Is about a high school student, who transfers into a boarding school where one girl commited suicide. He and her friends bond and then we go through comic/dramatic years of their lives. 2. Is about a group of students from an elite highschool, who were trapped inside a hounted house, and die horrible deaths. It has great mystery and backstory to it. Both are good in my opinion, but I can't decide which one is better. I hope that you guys might help me make that decision. (Feel free to give me some suggestions if you want )
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