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  1. Phodex Games

    U3DTerrainEditor Project Page

    Looks pretty cool What is the main idea behind the Editor, as there are already many terrain editors, thats a thing I would be interested in. Have not tried it yet...
  2. Phodex Games

    Good Game Development Literature?

    @Tom Sloper thank you I guess thats exactly what I asked for :). @Scouting Ninja now the communication works ^^. This is what I searched for, can't wait to deep down in some of those books and gather the knowledge. Well I know the principle of reading a book (getting the knowledge) and then really use this knowledge which then ends up beeing skill. Experience in the end also loses its worth, when you lack in the knowledge. But whatever ^^ Thanks both of you and have a nice day!
  3. Phodex Games

    Good Game Development Literature?

    I don't think that is true, as I already found some content which helps me gather the knowlegde I need. I know there is no "How to do good UI" book, obviously, but there are books about game UI design or interface design in general. I also think learing design prinicples in general helps creating an good UI. I visited a webdesign course for example and this also helps me with designing good UI actually, so I am not asking for something very specific. As a design student, I also cannot agree with that completly, it does not have to do much with the project, team or software it depends much more about your audience, but with that in mind there are definetly design principles and therefore also are UI principles, at least I hope so. Otherwise what am I studying here? Nonsense haha ? Because we learn the priniples of design Ok I admit, I maybe was not 100% clear and its easy to misunderstand my text, most likley, but why not just give me some recommendations of books you found helpful instead of talking to me like I am a naive amateur haha. Just an example of what I thought of when writing this post, this website includes some nice guides regarding level/world design: http://www.worldofleveldesign.com/articles.php However thanks for your help anyways, will check the link out. I guess I will find my way, just wanted to ask if you guys got your hands on some good stuff already and can recommend it. Have a nice day
  4. Phodex Games

    Good Game Development Literature?

    @Tom Sloper Oh sorry then. Well it says Game Design & Theory so where would I put this if not here?
  5. Phodex Games

    Good Game Development Literature?

    Hi GameDevs :), I am searching for good educational material regarding game development. You know any good books, ebook, articles about this topic? I am searching for information that this more of a general nature, so nothing like how to code this or that in c++. Or how to create an UI in Unity. What I am searching for is information about how you generaly set up an good UI, what coding principles have proven, what conventions are there, or what you should pay attention to when building game enviorments. I am also interested how to set up an good AI. Best would be if the topics are pointed towards 3D & first person. I already have quiet some knwoledge, but would like to compare it with what is out there and so grow my skill and knowledge. I know its a lot, but as I am interested in the subject as a whole I need it all :). I would prefer material you can read, but you can also post links to video courses, youtube tutorials etc and in can be both, paid and free content. Thank you in advance, you would do me a great favor by posting your findings, as I found some material already, but am unsure about the qualtiy of this stuff... Markus from Phodex
  6. Phodex Games

    Good particle textures?

    @LukasIrzl Hey, thanks a lot for the information especially the forum post with asset sources if very interesting. Yeah I generally do consider, and did already use the work for artists, but I have to precisely manage my budget and its mostly cheaper to buy an asset pack and you also get more content for your money. Sometimes there are cool bundles containing everything you need (something like: "Huge Fantasy Particle Pack"), at least at a basic quality level, which is exactly what I need. Does not have to be super high quality. Anyways, I will find my way, will browse through the thread you send me. Btw your projects are looking good keep going and have a nice day!
  7. Phodex Games

    Good particle textures?

    Hi I have a short question. Do you know a place where I can find (and buy) good particle effect textures. The only acceptable particle texture packs I found where on GameDevMarket.net, but there has to be a place with more variety and huger/better packs, or am I wrong. So if you have any ideas for good particle effect texture sources, if paid, if free, just let me know. Thanks in advance and have a nice day :). By the way if you know any cool asset shops, besides gamedevmarket and maybe the unity asset store which provides content for game devs I would be very happy ^^ Markus form Phodex
  8. Phodex Games

    The best first game engine to try as a beginner

    I started with Craftstuido, which is availale for free. It is a little bit clunky at times, but you can create 2 and 3D games. The cool thing about it is that it has an build in model editor, texture editor, map editor and animation creator. So everything is there for you to use. Although you cannot create AAA games with it, its a great software for learning game development. You can use lua or visual coding (you code with blocks, which makes it easy to learn). Try it out: https://sparklinlabs.itch.io/craftstudio
  9. Phodex Games

    You biggest difficulties with game development?

    Hi @Kylotan, I really appreciate your objection and its important for me. Actually you are true, when you read my post it really seams a little overconfident, to offer full game development education, as a pseudo professional . I think I haven't correctly expressed myself. My intention is not to deeply go into game development, explaining the technical and design related ins and outs, so don't worry. I much more want to point beginners into the right direction, giving them the information or forward them to the tools or material they need to get started. (by the way I edited my main post, to prevent misconceptions) Furthermore you don't exactly know how my content will look like. For example, I already can see that many people struggle with, staying motivated, much more than with the actual game development and this is a topic I have some good tips, methods and workflows to share, which will help to overcome this. By the way I am not yet sure, what my content will look like, thats the reason, I ask before I create anything, so nothing bad can happen haha :). Last but not least, you haven't seen anything from me and also don't know me or my work yet, so why not just wait and make yourself a picture,, when I came up with something :). Anyways, thank you for the objection, was a good one!
  10. Phodex Games

    You biggest difficulties with game development?

    @blueshogun96 Ok thank you for the advice, I will do that .
  11. Phodex Games

    You biggest difficulties with game development?

    Ok, than I am sorry. I tried to find the right spot for this thread and thought the beginner forums would be the perfect place to go ^^. I was wrong. I can't delete my own threads can I? If so I can move this post on my own.
  12. Hi Gamedevs, I am intensively doing game development for more than two years now and I have met a lot of people having trouble getting started and especially with coding. I really would like to come up with something, helping those of you having difficulties and getting started with game development and coding (especially if you are doing it on your own or with a small team), to later be able to set reasonable goals and achieve those goals. I exactly know how frustrating it can be, because I went to the same painful process. Therefore I quickly created a google survey, to be able to suit the content to your needs. If you have a tiny bit of time and would like to see content related to this topic, I would be happy if you would participate . Have a nice day! Markus from Phodex [My introduction thread] -> To the survey <-
  13. Phodex Games

    Weather System

    No I am using the Leadwerks Game Engine, but thanks for the offer
  14. Phodex Games

    Weather System

    Hey man good work keep it up. I am currently also thinking about implementing a day night cycle/weather System into my project, and I find your attempt looks very nice :).
  15. Phodex Games

    Hi new here :)

    @matt77hias Glad you feel so, as I, not only love those games, but also take a lot inspiration from them. If you also like those games, you can be excited. I just started a new project, whichs intention is to deliver a similar atmosphere and fascination the "The Elder Scrolls"-Series did.
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