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  1. 3D Modeler needed

    well, one I haven't heard from since and the other one blocked me on discord and left the server so I dont really know. Are you interested? *hopeful face*
  2. 3D Modeler needed

    Please note that we still need modelers as both previous ones have decided not to help :(
  3. 3D Modeler needed

    I have made a task planner account on a thing called monday, i will add you to it if you give me your email also please friend me on discord.
  4. 3D Modeler needed

    yes my discord is: Harry Duke #4639 kim, if u get or have discord use this too
  5. 3D Modeler needed

    Its a first person shooter with different characters such as the hitman and the agent or the farmer. Each character has a loadout of a primary a secondary and a special. For instance the hitman has a sniper rifle as his primary, a pistolbas his secondary and a telescope that calls in a bomber onto the spot of the target dropping a powerful bomb. When you enter a map you are one of 14 challengers and there is one champion from the previous round. If you are the last one standing then you stay in the map and you are the next rounds champion. The more rounds you survive the higher your score. As to the modeling, if your good with environments you could create a map with a fortnite art style if you want to.
  6. 3D Modeler needed

    OK, what time zone are you in then?
  7. 3D Modeler needed

    Here are the pics: Can you start with the bare face and then the other mask and my friend is working on a third mask so can optional
  8. 3D Modeler needed

    The model is great! I'll get my friend, who drew the sniper, to do some more angles and another friend to send me the gun design but also feel free to add your own bits if you want to.
  9. 3D Modeler needed

    Here is a sniper class idea: If you want I can also get you the gun plan
  10. 3D Modeler needed

    Yay fweinds!
  11. 3D Modeler needed

    I would love it if you help out! We are all learning so don't worry, i can send you some ideas if you want.
  12. 3D Modeler needed

    I have come up with an idea for an online fps but I am not skilled enough to do the 3D modeling. I wanted to see if their was anyone who would be willing to help with the game and do some character modeling. The kind of style I need is similar to Fortnite and Team Fortress 2. THIS IS NOT FOR PROFESSIONALS. If the game goes well and we earn some money, you may get some but please don't expect to earn money from this. This is more for people who just want a project to work on. many thanks, Harry