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  1. This might be a noob question, but I was just wondering how to make an editor for a game engine. And how to compile scripts and add them to the build. Like how in unity you have an editor app running and that itself can compile and run the actual game build. Do i make an engine that has the ability to compile and run a game then make an editor that can display that game? what is the logic of running a game to test it inside the editor before building? Are there two apps? or is it one app and it just updates everything when you press run and re positions them after you stop play mode? I would appreciate a detailed answer for I have made small game engines in the past but struggled to make the UI for them. Thank you in advance.
  2. I'm making an small 2D engine using Kha and I have a timer class, which basically simply either waits a certain amount of time to call a function, or repeatedly calls a certain function after every x seconds. I simply want to know if I should have timers run on different threads. I'm aware that makes sense, but I might use many timers in a game for example, would that still be okay? Also I'm currently writing an animation components, which waits every x seconds to draw another image using the timer class. And in a normal 2D games, I would have many objects with animations on them, other than the other timers. So I just wanted to ask people who have more experience and knowledge than I have what I should do for timers: Either leave them on the same main thread, or make them run on different threads. Thanks in advance.
  3. So I'm making this basic 2D engine using Haxe Kha, and i just need to integrate some physics. Just basic collision detection and gravity on basic shapes, nothing too detailed. But i want to try not to write it myself, so i just want suggestions on what open source phyisics engines i could use, and that wont be impossible to integrate. Thanks in advance.
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