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  1. While I was further thinking about this: Could this be solved with only loading the textures of the terrain that are actually seen? So if I can only see like 20 square meter, only 20 256x256 textures should be loaded. That would limit the memory consumption, but not the harddrive. Altough textures could maybe be reused.
  2. Hello I searched for this question for a long time, and I stell haven't got a 'real' answer: How does terrain size / quality work? I'm working on some RPG like game. And want to create a terrain with a heightmap and a terrain texture. For simple measurements, when creating a heightmap 1 pixel equals 1 square meter. So a 256 x 256 pixel heightmap is a 256 x 256 square meter map. That's easy. But now on the terrain texture: If I should create a terrain texture with the same ratio, one would stand on 1 pixel (1 color) per square meter, which is not exactly high definition. So I could multiply the ratio, by let's say4 or 8 (which seems to be a consensus), but if I multiply by 4, I have a 4x4 terrain texture per square meter, so that equals 16 different color blocks under the feet of my character. This can't be right either.. When just Google a random RPG (WoW for example), and look at 1 square meter under the character: World of Warcraft image example Those cobblestones are 'sharp', I mean, that must be at least a 256x256 pixel image in 1 square meter. So when I need 256x256 pixels per 1 heightmap pixel, and I have a 256x256 heightmap, that would account for more than 4 billion pixels. Such an image would be several terrabytes of hard drive. So, how does WoW does this? How do I draw somewhat of quality on the ground, without needing a massive hard disk and loading times? And how are those thousands of free repeating grass/sand/etc textures used that you can find on the internet? (Sometimes with massive 4096x4096 pixel quality.) Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  3. Hello I'm not much of a game designer myself, but I am a programmer and heavily interested in the process of creating games. So I set myself a challenge: Create a game creator. The main examples I want to follow are RealmCrafter, GameGuru, MyWorld and alike. My main problem is, I don't know what genre most people would like to see a gamemaker for. FPS, RTS, MMO(RPG), all possible. But I don't want to make an 'all-arounder' like GameMaker So I created a little poll here, you can tick on what you like, or give suggestions yourself. Link to poll: Poll Please feel free to comment, ask questions or give insights! Thanks
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