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  1. David Hwang

    Beta Test Feedback Communication

    Wow, thanks for the article, exactly what I was looking for!!
  2. Hi guys, what do you think about using 'Discord' as a communication medium for CBT/OBT? I see that most games use 'forum' for such interaction but I have yet to see Discord being used as a communication tool between developer and beta testers. Any advice on this?
  3. David Hwang

    Game analytics

    To add further in to this, I am also interested in the analytics on the business model and events of games as well.
  4. David Hwang

    Incorporating gift cards into game

    Hi, Mona Thank you for the reply! I am not planning on implementing the eGft into the app itself for gatcha system through API. I am actually interested in using the eGift card as an reward for offline events, such as OBT or official launch event. Usually, I see some companies giving out iPad or phones to certain users who have participated in such events. I was wondering instead of shipping/mailing actual tangible items, if I can simply sent an eGift as it will be faster and more convenient. Do you think this is possible? But I should check with Amazon regarding use of their brand for promotion.
  5. I think he is asking how to get his game to be 'featured' in certain Google Play Store game category. I too am interested in this topic!
  6. I am also very interested in this topic but I would like to incorporate Amazon eGift card to an app. Will this go against the gambling law? As it is an digital code(non tagible) for the user to redeem... Can someone give me an advice?
  7. I been trying to research a bit about the Google Play Store Early Access program. I understand that I have to fill a form for nomination. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdgQwWmvkuH3kKvhmrzOSDk_MPihEBe7HMLNelREO_Kgkc9Dg/viewform Upon review, I see a section called "Investor referral code (if applicable)" Can someone let me know what this is? I've tried to search everywhere to find any information about it but hit a dead end.
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