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  1. Savidge

    Execution: Backstory revelation

    I'll look that up immediately....thanks for the reference.
  2. Savidge

    Execution: Backstory revelation

    Loads of help. The thing is, my idea is based on the betrayal of one brother to the other. The other moves on with their lives thinking their sibling is dead, but in actual fact is just living off 6 years of his life as a small time theif at a distant county. I was thinking player starts the game playing as the protagonist detective trying to solve a string of well planned crimes, then when the antagonist is discovered, it turns out to be the brother. From there onwards the story continues with the detective as a captive in a disclosed location, and the theif becomes the detective, solving crimes and stuff. The twist to the story would be that the goody two shoes detective is actually the antagonist and the criminal is the protagonist, just wronged to many times to give a sh*# about morals. So with that I've been trying to find a never been attempted approach towards presenting backstories. The story already had antagonists for the undercover antagonist/protagonist, my problem was showing players where the rivalry come from. Advice was helpful too....thanks alot
  3. Hey guys. Need advice on a matter thats been baffling me. I have a main story. Made in proper context and all. I have two characters who generally have an uneasy past that will be presented in the form of flashbacks and argumentative conversations in cutscenes. The story has many secrets behind the becoming of the second character because they play the villain, but in a sense where they are misunderstood (Like Sylar on Heroes). I was wonder how I could incorporate this secondary characters life story after their separation with the first character.......should I make a interactive flashback where the player can see things through the secondary characters eyes so that his actions can be justified through what he went through (i.e. Call of Duty Ghost. The fathers flashback to why Rorke is hunting ghosts) or should I got with the more subtle approach, presenting it as a prologue that shows the past, then works through present day. Any other approaches would be highly appreciated
  4. Savidge

    Writing for a game: Case file 4:20

    I'm on top of it, your feedback and advice's greatly appreciated. I was thinking of executing the gameplay in a manner where throughout most of the game the different protagonists intentions are unknown. As the story unfolds and truths are revealed, the player has the option of choosing which of the brothers stay alive according to what players think of the moral behind the characters actions. In a sense, execution would be of a CSI/NCIS feel towards unvailing character secrets. I am really thankful for the advice and hope that I meet or set a high bar in this venture.
  5. Not sure if this is where I post an idea but I need the feedback on my concept. Plot: Game revolves around identical twin brothers raised on two different sides of the law. One is a well respected detective with a deceptive dark past whilst the other is a misunderstood hacker who lost everything because he trusted the wrong person. The detective is living the life that his presumably dead brother had always dreamed of. But he soon discovers that the mastermind criminal who has beat him in every step of his investigation is his brother who actually plans to take his life back and use this brothers' police resources to investigate the unsolved murder of his biological mothers death. Gameplay: Game has a GTA like set open world feel with an L.A Noire investigative prowess. The investigative part of solving crimes won't be like L.A Noire because of the lack of resources used. E.G. Facial Capture. Instead all investigations will have two way outcomes that lead to the same end. Engine: Unity or Unreal Engine.....which ever is within budget. For more of a detailed illustration of story contact me at: Iheartkc.kushchronyc@gmail.com or Facebook: Sam Ndebele
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