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  1. Kim Cowell

    3D Modeler needed

    I am actually in usa CST but I am a huge night owl and been staying up til 7 A.M sleeping til 2:30 P.M
  2. Kim Cowell

    3D Modeler needed

    thanks for the extra drawings. Yes I will do the bare face and make mask separate. Going to get some sleep now, been up all night working.
  3. Kim Cowell

    3D Modeler needed

    thanks Yea if you can get more angles for me then I can complete this reshaping and adding a actual face and more details and armor and stuff so it can look more like the drawings.
  4. Kim Cowell

    3D Modeler needed

    Ok I have created a male character, If you could help me out a bit and give me a few more views of the sniper? a front close up face view will be good and a back view
  5. Kim Cowell

    3D Modeler needed

    I will give it a try and see what I can do you can send me the gun plan too
  6. Kim Cowell

    3D Modeler needed

    that sounds great. It will give me something to do and i make a new friend in the process
  7. Kim Cowell

    3D Modeler needed

    thanks for your advice. I guess with this model I wasn't going for realistic, I was making it exactly like the ones you see in runescape and as far as substance painter goes, I can't afford another monthly payment right now. I already pay monthly for photoshop CC
  8. Kim Cowell

    3D Modeler needed

    I make 3D models and wouldn't mind helping. I am not really the greatest with character making but I am learning. I am able to make world items nicely. Below I attached a market stall I just made
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